Festive nails DIY

So with only a few days left to Christmas, I thought I would have some fun with my DIY mani yesterday and sought some festive inspiration from pinterest. There were so many different designs but I went for something simple – there was no way I would be able to paint a reindeer on my nail all by myself!!!

So these are the materials which I used:


  • Avon nail experts liquid freeze quick dry
  • OPI nail varnishes
  • Essie 3 in one strengthening base and top coat
  • Washi tape from Washibug
  • Scissor

After applying a layer of base coat, I painted 8 of my nails with 2 coats of the red varnish and 2 accent nails with 2 coats of the white varnish. I then applied a layer of top coat on all of the nails followed by a spray of the liquid freeze dry.


I then waited for the nails to completely dry before cutting very thin strips of washi tape.


Thereafter I stuck a few strips over the accent nails before applying a coat of red varnish



I then waited for it to completely dry before removing the strips and was left some festive nails 🙂


So simple and fun!

P.S Alyssa took a very Long afternoon nap yesterday, which gave me time to do all this 🙂

Happy Holidays!



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