Hayley’s Joys is a year old – where has the time gone? 

Hayley's Joys

I only just realized that my blog is a year old this month – unbelievable! So much has happened over this past year and I’m so happy to have the support of my family, friends and followers of Hayley’s Joys.

I’ve always loved the idea of a blog and have been a loyal follower of a few blogs but last year I made the decision to actually start one of my own and built up the confidence to put it out there ( it took a long while before I clicked ‘publish’ ) Now I actually wish I’d done it sooner! Why?

  1. It’s therapeutic                                                                                                                                                                                                You know when you lie awake at night with all those thoughts running through your mind? It keeps you up at night yet the next morning you kind of forget what sense you made of the situation in your mind. Being able to put those thoughts in writing just helps you to deal! Like when I was pregnant with Aidan, I really couldn’t fathom how I would be able to love him the way I love Alyssa. Putting those feelings down via my Loving Two post just helped me to unpack those feelings and as a bonus I got some great feedback and tips from readers
  2. The blogging community is just awesome!                                                                                                  Oh em gee – where do i start? From the very first day I interacted with fellow bloggers at the BBlogClass to the awesome CTmeetup’s to events – I’ve met so many awesome people who are super approachable, supportive and always willing to help out a new blogger on the block!
  3. I get to look back and be grateful                                                                                                                   I love the fact that I have documented so many things – big or small – that we will be able to look back on. From renovations, to Alyssa’s first day at toddler school, my pregnancy with Aidan and even just that day in the park with Alyssa. It’s memories and makes me feel good!Ready for School!
  4. It’s something I can be proud of                                                                                                                This past Saturday I attended the #CTMeetup for bloggers where the theme of the day was Beautiful living. Melissa Louise from Zana was a speaker at the event ( I also previously interviewed her for some Nursery inspiration) and she said something which has stuck in my mind. To her Beautiful living = confidence! If you put something out there, something you believe in, be proud and confident about it  – it will show and all good things will follow.
  5. It’s opened so many doors for me                                                                                                                By doing something I love, good things have followed! Blogging is something so different from my Day job – something I am also passionate about – and it hasn’t affected it any way. Not only have I met amazing people, I’ve had so many opportunities to  try out so many new things, I’ve had the opportunity to host a few giveaways for readers of my blog and even got to collaborate with fellow bloggers. I’ve also become a MommyBlogger for the Babygroup –  something which I am really loving!

So what’s next?

I don’t have any new aspirations for this blog at this very point in time. At the moment I am just concentrating on finding my groove as a Mom of 2 gorgeous kids and a wife to my darling husband ( i.e beautiful living) – the blog posts will come naturally!

Thank you for stopping by to read this post and I hope you will continue to do so in the future.



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