My Top Ten Products For Baby’s First Year

With Aidan turning one recently, I’ve been reflecting on the year that’s past – I will share some of those thoughts in a separate post but I thought I’d also share with you my list of products that have made life a bit easier and fun for us this past year.

Some of these products I’ve been sponsored and others not, but these are truly the top ten things which have have made a meaningful impact (It’s not only my opinion, but Kurt’s too).

1.Nuk soothers

For some reason, both my children rejected all other brands of pacifiers. Just after Aidan was born, NUK gifted us with their Summer range soothers with sizes for both Alyssa and Aidan. Alyssa was so attached to her dummy I thought the day would never come where she would give it up, however last year she one day just decided that she didn’t need it anymore and whilst lying in her bed, she said “Dad, you can throw this in the bin now. I dont need it anymore“. Aidan is still very much hooked on his. If it’s not clipped to his T-shirt, it’s quite funny to see how he looks to it. I’m not going to force him to get rid of it. Hopefully too will just one day decide that he’s over it.


 2.Medela Breast Pump:

Probably the best baby product investment that I’ve made. Still in full working order even after my breastfeeding journey has ended, the mini electric has been my saviour throughout my journey. An entire year with Alyssa and another year with Aidan – I’ve used it to express at the office and whist travelling. It really hasn’t disappointed me at all.


3.Baby Grow Labels

I’ve literally had random people DM me on Instagram asking me about these labels! Made by a local company (whose website is not functioning at the moment) called Acorn SA – I found these milestone stickers at a craft shop. They are a great way to capture baby’s first year of life and watch how they grow – you would have seen my monthly picture of Aidan I usually post on my social media – you literally just stick the label on to baby’s vest or t-shirt. You could also use them with scrapbooks and it’s also a great baby shower gift. There are various themes of stickers but I of course went with the nautical theme. The monthly pictures I took with the labels, made up a nice photo diy for Aidan’s first birthday party.


4.Woolworths Baby food

Call me lazy, but there’s absolutely no way you are going to find me behind a stove making home cooked baby food each and every day. There are times when convenience is needed, without depriving your child of all the nutritional benefits of course. Woolworths freshly cooked baby food has a range of recipes in stages 1, 2 and 3 which Aidan has enjoyed throughout the year. Even though he is now mostly eating the same food as we are at meal times, we still keep a few of these in the fridge, just in case we have something too oily or spicy for him.



I didn’t even know that this contraption even existed before Aidan was born. Aidan has had a LOT of colds this past year. Alyssa literally only had her first cold when she was well over a year whereas Aidan had some form of a cold or flu every second month during his first year. Each time his nose was so badly congested that he was unable to breath, which kept him awake and made him so miserable at night. The first few times he got sick was hell. He even landed up in hospital with RSV at 8 weeks of age. One of the nurses at the hospital told us about this nifty contraption and I eventually bought one. Although the principal of sucking the snot out of your baby’s nose doesn’t sound pleasant, it’s actually the thing that will provide them with the most relief when they literally cannot breath because of the congestion.


6.Salex sinus rinse

In combination with the Nose frieda, the salex nasal rinse really rinses out all the mucus that’s backed up in the nasal passage. It’s probably not the most pleasant experience to do this – have a look on Youtube for a video on how to do this, then you’ll understand why – but it will certainly bring your baby much relief if his or her nose is clogged up really badly.


7.Pacifier clips from Treatmesweetlie

Local – tick. Innovative – tick. Stylish – tick.

This awesome product is designed and made by a fellow blogger. These genuine leather pacifier clips come in a range of colours and are really just so cool. They also make awesome baby shower gifts.


8.babybrezza formula pro

If you are formula feeding and if you are able to splurge – this is something you have to get. I had the pleasure of trying out the babybrezza for the last month or so and it is absolute bliss to just press a button and your baby’s bottle is ready – the correct amount and at the perfect temperature.

No waiting for cooled boiling water and no shaking.

Those first few months when baby comes along and you literally don’t have a free hand, the Baby breezer definitely will give you a bit of a break.

Baby City now stocks the babybrezza, if you’re interested.


9.Customised baby apparel from Schnooky pie

There are many local baby product suppliers but personal touch goes a long way for me….

When Schnooky Pie approached me to work with their brand I was very excited. Schnooky Pie does not only have set ranges of clothing but also customizes outfits for special occasions. Aidan’s first birthday nautical outfit was handmade by Schnooky Pie and is something that we can pack away and treasure forever.

12065526_787578711387496_4155753206747573947_n-655x800 IMG_1634

10.H&M Baby clothing

When I found out I was pregnant with a boy, one of the first things that honestly came to mind was “Where shall I shop for him?” I had remembered just how boring it was to shop for baby shower gifts for boys. I would always end up in the little girl section.

Nothing changed after Aidan was born… until H&M hit our shores that is!

They have very cute boy items and it doesn’t just consist of brown, corduroy and spiderman items!!!


Are there any baby stuff you couldn’t live without during baby’s first year?

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