Book Club: The Last Rhinos


It was a pure coincidence that during the month of World Rhino Day, this book landed on my doorstep. This is not necessarily a choice of book I would go out and buy, but I must say its one of the most gripping real-life stories I’ve read.

Written by Lawrence Anthony, who shares stories about the happenings at his private game reserve Thula Thula.

Prior to reading the book, I knew of rhino poaching but never thought too much about the extent of it in this country. I am now even more saddened by the plight of rhinos in South Africa who are being poached and are literally being pushed to the brink of extinction.

I fell in love with the animals in the story and could tell how much love Anthony had for these beautiful creatures.

After a journalist informed Anthony that less than 15 of the rare subspecies of Northern White Rhino were still living, he decided to mount an international effort to save them.

The story focuses on Anthony’s efforts to coordinate a mission to DRC to save the Northern White Rhinos who have been left in the wild, in an area of the Congo controlled by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). If he didn’t do anything about it, these rhinos would have been hunted down to extinction!

He and his team put their own lives at risk to save these creatures and it really is a remarkable story of bravery.

There were so many ups and downs during his mission and if you read it, you will feel the fear, disappointment, and joy over and over again.

If you looking for some positive inspiration or motivation, this book will definitely give you that push.

This month I’m reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Have you read any of these books?




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