Making Memories With Pampers: What Mothers Day Means To Me


If there’s one thing I know about the journey of Motherhood, it’s the fact that the road is a long and very rewarding one – but also one that does not come without obstacles.

For each and every Mom, the road will be different. Some will have huge bumps to overcome, while some may have a number of little ones along the way. No matter how the road will look and what these obstacles are – it makes us stronger and gives us perspective on many other things around us.

I’ve had a few bumps along my journey which constantly makes me question my “worth” as a Mother. When my kids react with tantrums, when they get hurt or when they get sick – I always seem to question – “What have I done or not done for this to happen?

Then, after dwelling (a lot) on self-doubt, and things get better with the kids, I realise the fact that I’m actually as stressed as I am – is actually what makes me a Mother – it’s an indication that I really do care and would literally do anything in this world to make my kids feel better.

In between the bad times, there are really good times which are just the best. Even if it’s one special little hug or kiss or dance with them – it overrides any negative feelings and all of that is forgotten.

This week in itself has tested me in the Motherhood department. Children are not adults – they are hard to read and sometimes their behaviour can get the better of us. I hate showing any expression of anger towards the kids and will bottle it up inside and then blow off the steam when I speak to Kurt alone – which is probably also not fair. But we are in this together and he’s the only one who can understand my frustration.

What is interesting to me though, is that here I am, all stressed about a little tantrum or whatever it was for days on end – but that tantrum may just have been an expression of tiredness, hunger or frustration which couldn’t be verbalised at that specific point in time. Five minutes later, it’s all over for them and then I’m still trying to over analyse that 2 minute meltdown days later.

Well, that’s what makes me a Mom. I constantly care and worry about their well-being and thats what my Mom did for me and Alyssa will do for her kids one day!

So this Mothers Day,  I’ve decided to leave the self-doubt aside and remember that Motherhood is indeed a journey. Every journey will have bumps along the away. That’s a given. It doesn’t make me any less of a Mom.

I’m going to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday, not only for myself but for all the amazing Mothers out there!

Will you be celebrating with me?

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  1. Kim Muller May 10, 2017

    BEautiful photos Hayley!!! and yes, the self-doubt is really a killer on the confidence and needs to hit the road. 🙂


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