Alyssa And Aidans First Flight + Tips For Flying With Kids

Flying with kids


We’ve just returned from our family vacation and to be honest, I feel like I need another holiday! Don’t get me wrong, our holiday in Durban was absolutely amazing and the quality family time was priceless (I’ll share more about that soon) – but after all the planning, packing and unpacking – I’m exhausted! If you’ve ever booked flights to Cape Town or anywhere else for that matter, you’d know the planning doesn’t stop there – especially when you have kids coming along!

For the weeks leading up to our trip, I was already feeling anxious about flying with the kids. It was their first time on an aeroplane and Kurt and I had no idea how on earth the kids would react being in the air for 2 hours, especially Aidan!

While we were stressing, the kids seemed to be completely hyped up about their trip and were completely ecstatic when Santa bought them suitcases for Christmas! Smart Santa, don’t you think?

Being their first flight and all, I really wanted to be prepared as possible as I know exactly how irritated some passengers can get when a kid starts crying or throws a tantrum mid-flight.

I was so glad when Travelstart shared some tips with me for flying with kids as it really gave me practical ways to prepare for our flights.

We used all of the tips but especially focused on the Preparation tip, where we spoke to the kids daily about how it would be to sit in a plane, how it looked, where we’d sit and showed them some pictures.  So when they got onto the plane, they sort of knew what would happen next.

The flight to Durban went very smoothly as the kids were well rested, they had enough to keep them entertained on the flight and Aidan even had a pleasant 45-minute nap on the flight.

The flight back to Cape Town wasn’t that bad either but we made the mistake of buying them a couple of sweets at the airport which made them a bit restless on top of them being super exhausted from the holiday! So we had a few minutes of wanting to pull our hair out, but it was short-lived as once again, Aidan had a nap on his Dad’s lap for almost half the flight. We booked the flights over Aidan’s usual nap time, so that definitely also helped.

I loved hearing the experiences from other parents too, as they gave me a practical idea of what it’d be like – especially from those who have travelled internationally with kids! They’re basically pro’s.

Although I’m exhausted, I’m so thankful for the memories we get to treasure from our trip! I’ll be sharing some more about our Durban holiday soon!

So whether you’re on the lookout for cheap flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town, or Cape Town to Mauritius for your next vacation with the kids, best you bookmark this post for a “peaceful” flight!



Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart but the views expressed in this post are my own.




  1. Candice Esben January 15, 2018

    Thanks for all the tips, definitely saving this for when we take our little man on his first plane ride.

  2. Cherralle January 15, 2018

    Thank you for these tips. When we fly organisining enough snacks and activities is crucial. I like the parts about preparing the kids by talking to them about the upcoming trip.

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