Make A Smart Start With Twinsaver And Win R10 000 In School Fees



This school holiday has just come and gone!

Like many of your kids, Alyssa and Aidan make their way back to school tomorrow. We will have to get back into the swing of things and get the kids back into the hang of early bedtimes and early rising.

Alyssa will be starting Grade R this year (unbelievable how time has gone by!) and Aidan will make his way back to pre-school.

I’m probably more nervous than they are!

Although the holidays were short, it’s still going to be an adjustment for all of us. There will possibly be a few tears (from me and/or or the kids :)) but thankfully Twinsaver has us covered to keep our eyes and nose dry this week.

Alyssa is quite confident and doesn’t seem to be stressed about the school year that lies ahead and is quite excited to get going. However,  Aidan has already asked me if he and I can stay at home together …. forever!

He gets teary eyed just with the mention of the word “school”. So I’m packing in that Twinsaver in his school bag as a precaution and letting him know that it’s okay to cry and feel a bit upset, but I know for sure (as it always does) that he’s going to have a great day once he settles in.

So overall, I’m positive we will be getting the school year off to a great start!

You can also get the school year off to a great start!

Buy any participating Twinsaver Back to School products and you could win R10 000 for school fees!

How does that sound?

Buy any Twinsaver facial tissue pack (2-ply, 3-ply, pocket pack or cylinder pack) and keep your till slip for proof of purchase. To enter,  do so via the Message Bot pop up on the Twinsaver Facebook Page.

Also stay tuned to my Facebook page and Instagram over the next couple of weeks as I may have a little Twinsaver Giveaway of my own!

All the best for tomorrow Moms, Dads and Kiddos.




  1. Neelofah January 8, 2019

    Hope their day is packed with awesomeness have a good one, mama 🙂

  2. Nazley cassiem January 15, 2019

    Boys are so boy doesn’t want me to leave before his teacher gets to class..but loves school.hooe both of them have awesome time learning this year


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