Esse launches bespoke skincare system – Esse Prescript and my skin loves it!

I don’t recall ever receiving so many compliments about my skin in all my life! There can be only one reason for it – the fact that I’ve been using Esse Prescript, a bespoke skin care system. In fact, I have literally not used any other products for the last two months!

I love the simplicity of it all, as it’s just 2 products to apply morning and evening.

“Hayley, your skin is glowing!” – I got this compliment so many times these last couple of weeks and I’m here for it!

Esse launches bespoke skincare system – Esse Prescript

Esse Prescript is a new prescription service that delivers on the promise of personalised skincare. Here is how it works:

A qualified practitioner (doctor or skincare therapist) will analyse the skin and build a personalised product together with the client. With the help of an app, the practitioner can determine lifestyle considerations, skin needs and tolerance levels for the applicable actives, and can then build an optimal, personalised skincare offering. The prescription process takes around 10 minutes to complete. The product will then be manufactured in the Esse lab and delivered directly to the client within 48 hours. There are thousands of possible combinations, so the production process has been largely automated with machines connected directly to the app.

Esse Prescript

Esse founder, Trevor Steyn, says:

“Off-the-shelf products are formulated for the typical client. We can’t push the levels of actives to the max because some people may react badly. There are also instances where clients are paying for actives that they don’t really need. We can now craft a product that has maximum efficacy for the client’s lifestyle, budget and exact skin concerns.”

The products can also evolve as the skin improves. The initial consultation will allow the client to reorder twice, covering the first 6 months of use. The client will then need to revisit the practitioner for an updated prescription that will generally be more cost effective and will focus on maintenance.

Esse Prescript perfect for travel

We recently went away on a little getaway to celebrate our anniversary and I found it so refreshing to only pack in just two products! I would usually have an entire separate bag just for my skincare! Love this for me…

If you’d like to find out more about Esse Prescript and where to find a qualified practitioner, visit the Esse website here.



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