A Relaxing Family Lunch At Steenberg Wine Estate’s, Tryn Restaurant

tryn restaurant steenberg wine estate

This month marks an entire year since we’ve been in lockdown! How crazy is that? To think that we’ve been inside our home for 99% of this time, it’s really unbelievable.

For the past year, the kids haven’t been to a restaurant or play place and it’s something we used to do almost every weekend, pre-pandemic days.

This past Sunday we were invited to have lunch at Tryn Restaurant, Steenberg Wine Estate’s beautiful eatery in Cape Town. The kids have been begging us for a family outing – so the timing was perfect.

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Deon Wiggetts “My Only Story” Helps Parents Identify Paedophiles In Our Midst


So the kids are back at school and Mom’s and Dads have a bit of a break now from 24/7 care!

It’s a relief but at the same time we are putting our trust in the teachers to take care of our precious ones.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard or seen the headlines about the comments about rape made by our Education Minister to pupils at a Pretoria school this week – if not, read about it here.

It was a very dangerous and shocking statement which she now says was taken out of context. Nevertheless, people are not too happy about it.

The timing was weird for me as the statement was made, as I was finishing reading My Only Story from Deon Wigget.

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{WIN} The Jellyfish Jiggle – A New children’s story book by local author Kayla Diamond

the jellyfish jiggle

I am still in disbelief that I have a grade 2 daughter and grade R son! Where has the time gone?

What’s so lovely about them both being so close in age and in the foundation phase together, is that they are learning so much from each other. Alyssa is now reading beautifully and is able to help her brother learn the basics. Her teacher is encouraging her class to read one non-school book per week which I think is a brilliant idea! Alyssa has taken up the challenge and in fact reading even more and often reads to Aidan.

So naturally, the kids were excited when they were sent a copy of local author Kayla Diamond’s new children’s picture story book, titled The Jellyfish Jiggle.

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Why I Want To Improve My Gut Health This Year

gut health

Gut health sounds like quite a complex topic, but the more I learn about it the more I care about the shape my gut is in!

A while ago I attended a course about the art of ageing and my biggest takeout from it was that if you want to live longer and have a better quality of life – you’ve got to take care of your gut!  

Your gut is said to be your second brain. If your gut is in good shape, you will feel good on the inside. When we have a daily health struggle like bloating or lethargy we actually forget what feeling good is like! And as we get older, we think, well, I’ve now hit a certain age so I’m supposed to feel this way! Well, I’ve come to learn that a lot of these struggles have to do with our gut.

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