Five Ways To Encourage Children To Have Healthier Eating Habits This Spring

Five Ways To Encourage Children To Have Healthier Eating Habits This Spring

Spring is the season of fresh starts, new beginnings and loads of fun in the sun. Promoting healthier eating for children during Spring can be both an educational and fun experience!

As Parents, we often feel the stress of worrying about our children’s growth and development, so we are always keen to learn more about how we can help our kids stay on track to healthy growth!

Spring is the time of year where fruits and vegetables are abundant, so it’s definitely a good time to encourage eating habits during the season.

Five Ways To Encourage Children To Have Healthier Eating Habits This Spring

1. Explore and pick out fresh produce together!

Spring allows us to enjoy the outdoors as a family after a long Winter! So, take your children to a local farmers’ market to explore and pick out fresh produce together. You can include items like strawberries, asparagus, peas and spinach, in your children’s meals. They will be so proud to see the fruit and vegetables they picked out at the market, on their plate!

2. Get Kids Involved

Involve your children in meal planning and preparation. They are more likely to eat nutrient-filled foods if they have a hand in making them. You can also let them choose a recipe, shop for ingredients, and assist you in the kitchen. (This always works in our home!)

3. Healthy Snacking

Instead of a pantry full of sugary treats. Opt for natural food options such as fruit, yoghurt, granola, vegetable sticks and hummus.

4. Hydrate

Encourage your children to drink lots of water. Spring can quite warm and staying well-hydrated is crucial for their overall well-being. You can also infuse water with slices of fruit or cucumber to make it more appealing to them.

5. Get Active

Encourage physical activity and get moving together, as a family. Spring is a great time for outdoor activities like bike rides, hikes, or playing sports, which can complement healthy eating. Creating a positive and supportive environment when it comes to physical activity and eating is essential for instilling healthy habits in children. Be a role model by also maintaining a balanced diet and showcasing a healthy relationship with food.

If you try or already are trying all the above and you are still worried that your child is “picky” or not eating enough, then a nutritional supplement like PediaSure® may be helpful!

My kids absolutely love it as a milkshake style drink at home, while it can also be incorporated in other recipes. It tastes really good and there are three flavours available: Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

You can find out more about PediaSure® products and many informative articles about nutrition and some great recipes for the whole family, on the PediaSure® website.

Let me know if you have any other tips to share!



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