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On Saturday morning I had a date with Jade, a consultant at the Bobbi Brown store in Canal walk. I am not big on make up and always keep it very very simple (like mascara and lip gloss, that’s it!) , so i thought i would sign up for  a make-up lesson to learn how to spice things up a bit!

Bobbi Browns mission is to teach every women to be her own make up artist and that was exactly what I came to learn…


The friendly staff made me feel really welcome and I was even offered some yummy snacks!


The lesson started with some basic skincare tips which included a hydrating and moisturisering routine,whereby Jade applied the various products. I had the flu the week prior so my face was quite dry and puffy as a result thereof, so this was much needed! Check out this horrible “before and make-up-free selfie…


Looks like a mug-shot, doesnt it?

We then moved on to concealer, foundation and bronzer… I loved this part of the lesson as I could immediately see my face transform into a healthy glow.


My favourite part of the lesson was learning to do my brows –  a defined and bold look! Love it!


I had to take notes as there were so many tips and and little things which I felt important….


I found my perfect lip colour ,something I’ve been searching for a while. I also learned a trick as to how to keep my liptick on for longer – I have extremely thin lips which makes it hard to keep lipstick on for very long, that’s why I never even bothered…

We then moved on to eyes….which I doubt I will do everyday but I was definitely amazed at how simple it was but way to much PT for me to do myself every morning!







The lesson doesn’t cost anything as long as you purchase two products to the value of R350. You can even use your Edgars card to purchase products. I would definitely reccommend the lesson to anyone looking to get the most out of their make-up!

I definitely left the store looking much better than when I came in, FOR SURE!



What do you thnk of my after-make-up-selfie?





  1. Scarlet Aura June 26, 2014

    You look gorgeous as always, Hayley! xx

  2. Nasa June 26, 2014

    Fabulous x

  3. Alison Sinclair June 30, 2014

    wow it’s fabulous Hayley 🙂


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