The Birds and the Bees


We had the opportunity of literally showing Alyssa the birds and bees this weekend when we took a Sunday drive around the peninsula. It got me thinking though…. we will actually have to give her that talk one day! I know how extremely awkward that conversation was with my Mom and I hope that when we chat to Alyssa it won’t be half as intense. Yes WE….. My hubby and I both brought her into this world so we both have to cross that bridge together. Of course there are books and the internet that can practically give you a script of what to say but I doubt it will make that coversation any easier.

Yes, it will only happen in a good few years but time really flies! It seems like just yesterday that we were patiently waiting her arrival, a 42 week pregnancy later and here she is running around and dancing to her own tune!

I am definitely dreading having to deal with the mood swings of a tween and teen but we will do our utmost to be the best parents we can possibly be in that difficult stage.

She really is Daddy’s girl and I feel sorry for any boyfriend who will knock on our door one day. Kids seem to become adults way sooner these days so we will cherish her childhood and PLAY PLAY PLAY!

A friend of mine asked me the other day ‘Until when do you plan to dress yourself and Alyssa alike?” And I replied by saying “until she tells me…. Mom, this is not cool!”
I will probably be broken hearted by those words but at least I will have wonderful memories and a million pictures to cherish!!










My little princess!
Am I the only one who dresses alike their daughter? I’m sure there are Dads and sons that do the same too..


  1. Alison Sinclair June 30, 2014

    I think it’s so cute how you are dressing alike

  2. Ronnae Elliott February 7, 2018



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