Countdown to Christmas


Only 10 days remain before we can eat and be merry. I really enjoy the build up to Christmas day…. shopping for gifts, fruit mince pies (mmm), putting up the tree, listening to Christmas carols and wrapping gifts. We always complain about how full the shopping centers are, yet we find ourselves there ever too often looking for gifts for special people in our lives. I only get some time off from work from the 24th but things have already slowed down at the office and it’s not affecting my Christmas spirit one bit.

Our weekend mainly consisted of Christmas activities and this year we are having so much Christmas cheer in the house with a little toddler getting very excited about Santa and all the presents to be opened (on Christmas morning). I’ve had to hide all the gifts I’ve wrapped thus far as Alyssa would just unwrap them as soon as she has her little hands on them.

On Saturday we took Alyssa to visit the Christmas wonderland in Stellenbosch. It was unfortunately not what the website made it out to be. It was in fact a total waste of our time.  We expected so much more based on the descriptions and pictures displayed on the website. There was not much variety in terms of food and market stalls, the lighting and  décor was nothing to ride home about and there was just no Christmas atmosphere at all. Well at least Alyssa got to kiss a snowman!


On Sunday we had a Christmas breakfast with friends and later on we took our annual picture with Santa. I really thought that Alyssa would sit on Santa’s lap this year. Our picture taken last year looks a bit silly  as she was so scared of him. Dad had to sit in the middle of Santa and I, with Alyssa on my lap… 🙂 This year she was still a bit freaked out by him but at least she allowed him to sit in the middle.


Our Christmas holidays overall will be very quiet as most of our extended family will be gone away on vacation while we are home on staycation. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to resting and also spending some quality time with Alyssa.

Happy Holidays! Whether you are travelling or staying home, I wish you a safe and joyous time with your loved ones.



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