Pregnancy update – 24 weeks


24 weeks in and I am enjoying the normality of the second trimester. Everyone keeps telling me how terrible it is to be pregnant during summer, but this is my second pregnancy during summer and it really hasn’t been that bad for me to date. Here’s a round up of the past 4 weeks:

What’s happening with #2?

#2 is currently the size of an ear of corn and weighs about 600g.  According to research he is becoming more aware of his surroundings and sounds and movement outside my uterus, so now he can hear Alyssa speaking to him every night. He is moving around quite a bit and he is certainly kicking a whole lot harder now.

What’s happening with my body?       

I’ve gained about 7 kg’s thus far and my belly is just growing by the day. Heartburn has officially made an appearance, round about the same point as it did during my first pregnancy so antacids have once again become my best friend. I usually love spicy food, so now I’m going to have to pack away the hot sauce for a while.

Food Love

Fruit mince pies – OMG I’m addicted

Food Hate

Nothing at this stage.

What I’m dreaming about?

Unless I’ve forgotten about them, I haven’t been dreaming that much lately. I have however started waking up during the night quite often and I find it extremely hard to fall asleep again. I’ve had a few mornings where I’ve woken up around 3am and then couldn’t fall asleep again and had to start those days very early. By 8pm in those evenings however, I would be lights out.


I’ve bought a few more items of clothing but my plan for this week is to unpack Alyssa’s newborn clothing to see which unisex items can be re-used, before splurging on to many items. I also plan to move Alyssa’s clothing out of the compactum and into the closet in her room to make room for baby’s items.

16 weeks to go!

Have a great week and a very happy new year!



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  1. Raylene Harvey December 29, 2014

    Fruit mince pies for the win! I’m also addicted :S Glad to hear all is well with the pregnancy, Miss Hayley xoxo


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