Behind Closed doors


So there’s all this hype about Royal Baby #2… and about how Kate could possibly look SO AMAZING literally just hours after giving birth. Yes, of course she looks gorgeous but who knows what on earth must have been going through her mind as she stood on those steps.

While she may have a ton of help back at the palace, the thought of coming home with your new baby – albeit your second, is a big adjustment. Yes you don’t sweat the small stuff the second time around BUT there is still this helpless little baby totally dependent on you and the emotional rollercoaster you go through thanks to those wonderful hormones doesn’t just disappear because you are royalty! I doubt you are exempt from the baby blues if you’re a princess?

Perhaps the new family of 4 left the hospital so soon, got the announcement out of the way and revealed the name just so that they can now be left in peace by the media. Perhaps now they can concentrate on getting comfortable at home and try their best to adjust to their new family.

I wonder how their first born is adapting to the new addition? He is still a baby himself and now Mommy has this tiny little baby on her chest all the time.

I wonder if Kate is breastfeeding or feeding the new princess formula? Will she give the princess a soother?

All these unanswered questions…. yet the media seem to know so much about nothing really!

What is my point here? Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Let them just be and enjoy this special time with their new princess.



  1. CaffeineAndFairydust May 6, 2015

    I am pretty sure, standing there she was dying to get home and collapse into a big ugly pile of hormones like the rest of us. Princesses wear mesh panties too 😉 She does look gorgeous, but then again – she is a beautiful woman. Maybe she is just one of those lucky women (like my mom) who seems to sneeze babies out and still go on a coffee date afterwards.

  2. jessicaviljoen May 6, 2015

    You’re so right about the media having a whole lot to say about nothing!!
    And so true @ not being exempt from post-preggy blues just because she’s a princess.
    Hehe shame, her face does look like she has a million thoughts going on in her head and just trying to hold the pose.

  3. Luchae May 6, 2015

    Can picture telling Will , behind clenched teeth, “lets just smile and leave!”
    Hehehe I, for one, would not have been able to look THAT composed just after giving birth to my littlest one. Kudos to her!


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