Worst week ever! 

 So if you’ve read my last post, you’d know how fed up I’ve been with all the germs which has literally knocked down our entire family! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Aidan’s cold took a turn for the worst on Saturday morning and was admitted to hospital. It was very scary to see the Doctors reaction when she listened to Aidan’s lungs. She said he had a severe case of Bronchiolotis and a test confirmed he was infected with the RSV virus. I remember reading about RSV in Cindy’s blogpost recently and immediately knew that we would be at the hospital for a while. The effects of RSV are worse the tinier baby is and it hit Aidan pretty badly.

Well, we still here but he is doing SO much better and we will hopefully be home tomorrow if he’s condition remains stable as it has been for the last 24hrs. He received physio therapy , oxygen treatment and a saline decongestant throughout his stay here, no antibiotics – as it would have no effect on the virus. My poor baby 🙁

To add to this, my hubby got sick too and Alyssa woke up one night throwing up all over poor Daddy! She is probably so anxious from all this drama and not having Mom at home. This week has literally been a nightmare!!I miss Alyssa so much and really can’t wait to spend time with her.

My stay here at the hospital has certainly been an experience. The continuous sound of little ones crying is torturous and just makes me want to burst out in tears too. The nurses are so caring though – I really look up to them for taking such good care of the kids, especially my little boy. He is so little and they just gave him that extra bit of care and attention, for which I am grateful.

I just cannot wait for the doctors ok already, so we can be in our way! But I’d rather have him 100% ready than having to come back… But there is really no place like home xxx


  1. catjuggles June 4, 2015

    Oh Hayley I am so sorry about all the sick. And hospital is just the worst. But rest assured – a lot of us has been there. I spent a week with both the boys with RSV when they were 6 months old and I still remember the details vividly. For your entertainment, while you are still there to observe , one of my most read posts ever, about the parents in the Paediatric ward – http://juggelingactoflife.blogspot.com/2011/07/scenes-form-pediatric-ward.html

    • hayleysjoys June 4, 2015

      Oh my goodness, your post is spot on! I’ve seen these people come and go through the course of the week 🙂

  2. Cindy June 5, 2015

    Oh Hayley that sucks so much! Is he feeling better?

    • hayleysjoys June 5, 2015

      He’s much better, thanks. We are being discharged this morning. YAY!

      • Cindy June 5, 2015

        Woohoooo!!!! Before you go, talk to your Doc about what you can do to keep it away for the rest of Winter.

  3. Heather June 7, 2015

    Hugs Hayley!

  4. […] him awake and made him so miserable at night. The first few times he got sick was hell. He even landed up in hospital with RSV at 8 weeks of age. One of the nurses at the hospital told us about this nifty contraption and I eventually bought one. […]


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