Happy 4 months Aidan

 My little man is 4 months old today and what a journey it’s been thus far. We’ve had many ups and downs since he’s birth. From early sibling rivalry to RSV,  but today I am just happy that he is a happy and healthy baby! Alyssa has also overcome her feelings of anxiety towards her brother and now shows him so much affection. She calls him Aidy Baby 🙂

As newborns, Alyssa and Aidan couldn’t be any more different. Alyssa was wide awake and ready to take on the world from day 1 whereas Aidan was a very sleepy baby for the first month or so, where I literally needed to wake him for feeds. However now Aidan still wakes up once or twice during the night to feed while Alyssa slept from 8pm-5am at 2 months of age.

Aidan is a real Mommy’s boy. His eyes follow me around the room and he knows the sound of my voice. This week he started babbling so loudly, it’s really cute & it seems as if we having a real convo. He’s at the stage now where he’s really sociable and he giggles at all the funny faces I’ve been making. He accidentally rolls over when he’s on he’s tummy which he also finds hilarious.

He’s dribbling so much at the moment and his fingers seem to be so tasty. He has to wear a bib most of the time as the drool just runs. I found these super cute bibs at Mr. Price Home for just R39.99. It was certainly a bargain, compared to others I’ve seen.

My time at home with him is coming to an end and I’m going to enjoy the last few weeks at home with him. Just when we sort of had a routine going and just when he’s little personality is starting to show, I have to make my way back to the office. At the same time I’m excited to get back to work. I miss the mental stimulation and adult conversation. Four months of where nappy changing and breastfeeding takes up most of your day, does not do much for your mind.

I’m so happy that I got to spend the entire winter at home and snuggle up with Aidan while it was pouring outside. At least now the sun is already rising earlier which won’t make me feel that bad when I have to leave him in the morning.

morning snuggles


I guess all good things come to an end I suppose ..
Have a great weekend




  1. catjuggles July 31, 2015

    Your kids are so beautiful! I always had the same sort of two minds thing like you – was great to be home with them but also great to go back to work.

  2. Nicole August 4, 2015

    reading every blog – became my morning routine 🙂 thank you hayley


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