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Almost all too often I see Mom’s complaining on social media about UIF agency’s not playing their part or how disastrous the process of claiming UIF benefits  on your own while on maternity leave can be.I’ve just received my final UIF payment from the department of labour and I’m not even back at work yet! This is all due to the fantastic service I received from Mom’s Link to UIF.
The last thing you want to worry about while you on maternity leave is cash flow. We all want to spend as much at home with baby but in most cases we also need to make sure that we have enough to make ends meet. In my case I was able to stay home for four months, receiving a portion of my salary and the balance was claimed from the UIF. Thanks to Mom’s Link to UIF I received that balance each month and according to schedule.

Once i signed up with Mom’s link, I received a detailed information pack listing and containing all the forms requiring completion and other requirements. It also contained a step by step guide to assist with the completion of each form. Once I had all my documents in order (or so I thought) I sent them on to the agency who proof read everything. I then received a document which highlighted all my errors and omissions which I then fixed.

Once all was in order I received confirmation from the agency that my paperwork was submitted to Department of labour as well a list of dates for when payments can be expected.

ALL payments were on schedule! I was really impressed.

This is not a sponsored post at all – I am just really impressed with Helene and her team & I thought I would spread the word and save a few moms with the hassle. This was probably the most valuable R500 I’ve ever spent!


Thank you Mom’s Link to UIF


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