Celebrating Baby’s First year – Jax


Next up in the Celebrating Baby’s first birthday series is the gorgeous Jax, who turned one on the 18th of August. He is such a bundle of joy.

He’s parents Emma and Donovan, who are good old friends of ours, just love action hero’s like Superman… so you can imagine their excitement when they found out they were expecting a boy to share this love with.


I asked Emma to answer to give me her thoughts on her first year as a parent and this is what she had to say.

1. What would you say has been the most challenging part of the past year for you?
The most challenging part of this past year  I would say would be adjusting to Don working shifts and getting used to being alone with Jax especially at night when it came to diaper changes and feeds. Being a first time mom I knew very little about newborns but thank God and Hallelujah for books and Google really helped get me through those really “rough” times.

Jax as a newborn

Jax as a newborn

2. What has been the most rewarding part of this past year for you?

Seeing Jax grow and develop his personality and boy did it develop so quickly. I thought when people told me they grow up so quickly that it was only a rumour but for me everything changed when Jax hit 6 months. He weened himself ,he didn’t want me to cuddle him and put him to sleep. I saw a totally different side of him – a very independent side. He is extremely determined to reach things and knows what he wants.

3. How do you juggle working full time and being a Mommy?

Routine,routine ,routine 🙂

Jax is a very easy and friendly little boy.  I started getting Jax into a routine at 6 weeks old and in the beginning it was difficult and an adjustment for both Don and myself but we religiously followed the routine and I can really see the benefits for both Jax and ourselves. He’s been sleeping through since 7 weeks old and having a good nights rest for Jax meant a happy Jax the next morning. Also sharing chores and picking up and dropping Jax off at creche makes it so much easier for Don and myself as we take turns with everything and I mean everything…. diaper changes – the easy and ugly ones, baths , feeding, changing his clothes, making him asleep to dropping him off and fetching him. Packing his creche bag to making his bottles and packing his little lunch.
4. Have you done anything special to record Jax’s milestones (sitting up, crawling, first tooth, walking etc) throughout this year?

We record his milesstones by taking alot of videos and pictures and having a baby journal. He has a creche journal as well where we have a copy of his first report card. We also use clay moulds that we imprint his hands and feet in as well as paint prints.

5. Is there anything new that you’ve learnt about yourself since you’ve become a parent?

I’ve learnt that since becoming a parent I’ve become more patient and that compromising goes a long way. Simply talking to family and friends, including collegues who have kids, and getting advice and suggestions really helps a lot. Just merely being open minded and not stubborn can make a world of difference. Also accepting help from our parents and Jax sleeping over occasionally also helps with date nights.

6. Jax is now officially a toddler! Are you ready for what this new chapter has to bring – walking, running, talking and the good old tantrums 🙂 ?

If anything, both Don and I have learnt not to assume. We realised that we cannot assume he cannot do things or reach things. Jax imatates extremely well and I must admit it scares me a bit. At 11 months old he opened the car door on his side while we where driving ,we immediately stopped and put the child lock on. We both knew we had to set the child lock but didnt think it would get to this point so soon. We are ready for the little tantrums and challenges coming our way. Both Don and I cant wait until he starts making sentences.

7. How did you celebrate Jax’s first birthday?

Don and I decided that we would have a family day just the 3 of us. We took Jax out and spent quality time together instead of having a birthday party for him. We both agreed that he would have a party next year when he’s able to enjoy the activities more.







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