Happy half birthday Aidan


My little man turned six months yesterday and it’s hard to believe that in just a few months I will need to start planning his first birthday party. He is growing so beautifully and has become such a social butterfly. Alyssa is already his favorite playmate and she has him giggling and babbling all the time. He still wakes up once or twice during the night but goes back down quite quickly. I am REALLY hoping that he will begin to sleep through the night within the next few months. I read that once protein is introduced to his meals (which I have just done this week) , it should keep him fuller for longer and hopefully that will aid him to sleep longer stretches during the night. Fingers crossed.


I’ve been back at work for 6 weeks already and I must admit it’s been hard juggling it all, hence my lack of blog posts lately. Time for myself is literally unachievable these days, so I am in desperate need of some pampering. Weekends used to be for chillaxing and now in between Alyssa’s swimming lessons, the kiddy birthday parties she has to attend and entertaining Aidan….. leaves Mom and Dad so exhausted by Sunday evening. I saw this post on Facebook yesterday and it really sums up our lives right now.


Despite all this I had my first glass of wine in like forever, while watching the rugby on Saturday evening and it tasted like…. MORE… but as the responsible parent I am … lol ….. I limited it to one glass.


Aidan supported the bokke in his awesome Springbok gear from the Babygroup and dummy from choocha, despite their terrible performance against the Japanese 2 weeks ago. Doesn’t he look the part?


 I plan to spend some more time on Hayley’s Joys this month so stay tuned… I also have an awesome giveaway lined up!



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  1. Nicole October 2, 2015

    aunty Nicole loved the update xoxox


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