Pasta and bean medley – (without the calories)


Who doesn’t love a good braai? Chicken, chops and sausage on the fire will never be boring however the usual potato and coleslaw salads that usually go along with it does… and the loads of mayo mixed in them is not great for anyone watching their figure!

If you share my sentiment and would like to try something different, with half the amount of calories, here’s an old “weigh-less approved” recipe which I love making. The leftovers also serve as a great lunch – just add a few strips of chicken to it.

Prep: 15 mins

Cook: 20 mins


280g cooked fusilli or shell pasta

2 carrots, julienned

2 green/yellow pepper, sliced

200g button mushrooms, sliced

250g canned butter beans

200g green beans, broken in half

20ml (1.5 tsp) low fat margarine

2 tablespoons basil pesto

2 tablespoons lite mayo


Heat the margarine in a non-stick saucepan, add the mushrooms, green beans and saute for 10 minutes. Place the pasta and remaining ingredients except basil pesto and mayo in a bowl. Add the basil pesto and mayo to combine. Season with salt and pepper.



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