Are We Over-Sharenting?

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So Kim Kardashian finally decided to share this adorable first picture of Saint West on her blog today and it made me think about how easily people (including myself) post pictures of our children on social media. Although Kim waited a while to post the first picture of Saint, I’m sure there will be many more posts to come – as she did and continues to do with photos of North.

Most parents out there honestly believe that their child is the cutest thing alive and with social media being so prominent these days, it’s so easy for parents to go a bit “overboard” with  posting pictures of their children on Social Media!  Some of your friends and followers on social media may find your posts adorable, while others will cringe each time you post.

As a Blogger Mom, I am probably guilty of over-sharenting and I find that when I post pictures of my children on my social media accounts, its usually the same people who like or comment on them. The other hundreds of friends and followers are probably rolling their eyes while scrolling and thinking… OMG not another pic.

Well in all honesty… I don’t really care about what they thinking. Its MY social media accounts and they are MY kids. Instead of me posting countless pictures of my #ootd and #ootn, I’m posting pictures of my two little munchkins who are my everything right now!

I  honestly love seeing photos of other mums with their little families. I enjoy seeing the happiness and joy which their kids bring them just like mine do.

(Facebook and Instagram are also really great to store photos. It’s the easiest places to find memories by the way)

Each to their own!

What are your thoughts on over-sharenting?

I’d love to hear.



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  1. Radhia Sattar February 22, 2016

    It’s so wierd, because I was just thinking the same thing about my own blog and social media pages. Sometimes I cringe at the thought of placing so much out there for the public to view. To be honest, I find myself being stuck between it being okay and it being not okay (eek for me!). But as you said it, each to their own

    • admin February 23, 2016

      I get nervous before i click post

  2. Luchae Williams February 23, 2016

    Yep, I was thinking this the other day too. I guess we have to find a balance. Btw how cute is Saint?!!!!!!!!

    • admin February 23, 2016

      He’s adorable!!!

  3. Wilbur Wolley March 14, 2016

    And are we handing over the privacy of our children for the instant gratification of online comfort, even as some parents lobby social media platforms  to do more to protect their children?

  4. Soraya March 22, 2016

    I enjoy seeing other families and my loved ones’ little ones online – we rarely get to see the small people as often as we like. Having said that, I don’t share any photos of my little on online, and I even try to limit sharing via Whatsapp. It’s a decision the Husband and I took before our little girl was born. Besides the creepo factor (and people making memes out of baby pics and those going viral – weird!), it’s not benefiting her in any way so we rather don’t.

    Even though I do sometimes long to share an adorable moment, the possible consequences aren’t worth it.


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