Bedtime Stories – You have to hear this!!!

Heard the saying “It only happens in the movies”? ….things like giving birth in the space of a minute, having a 3 course breakfast around the table as a family every morning and the good guy always ends up with the girl at the end of the movie.

The one thing that I’ve recently learnt that “only happens in the movies” is how easy they make it seem to tuck your little one in at night. These on-screen parents literally just read their TV kid  a short book, give them a kiss and then switch the lights off … that’s it!

Since Aidan was born, he and I have our own little night time routine which is pretty solid. Kurt reads to Alyssa during this time but that’s when the challenge begins. Depending on her mood or whether or not she’s napped during the day, things can get quite challenging. This girl tries every way possible to stay awake, no matter how tired or over tired she is. From eating to toilet visits, she tries every trick in the book. In fact she’s literally fallen asleep with a vienna in her mouth one night.

I came across this hilarious video on Youtube the other day, where Jennifer Garner reads Adam Mansbach’s “Go the F*ck to sleep” and it made Kurt and I laugh so much. It’s good to know that we are not the only ones having these night time troubles. The struggle is real people!!!

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