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Mothers Day 2016

Mothers Day should be a day for Moms to be pampered, spoilt and given the opportunity to relax. In reality that doesn’t happen, or for most of us at least. Things like teething and tantrums don’t miraculously just stop, so Mom’s still need to be present and available just like any other day of the year.

This weekend was a super busy one for us. Alyssa and I had a Girls day on Saturday – she had her swimming lesson first, then we attended a book reading (which I will tell you about in a separate post) and then went to the Waterfront  and had some girly fun at the Hamleys Toy Store. We then had to do some shopping for Mothers day gifts for the Grannies and Great-Granny as well as some baking supplies for Mothers Day Tea.


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We had fun baking a cake on Saturday evening and even Aidan helped out (helping out to mess that is) but it really was a lot of fun.

Getting our bake on

Getting our bake on

After a busy day and once the kids were both asleep, I had to do some work and only finished at 11pm. I was exhausted but still could not fall asleep. I eventually fell asleep but in what felt like seconds, I was awoken by Aidan’s moaning from his room. Kurt went to check up on him and he was standing up in his crib chatting away. He has about 4 teeth cutting at the moment, so the poor guy must be so uncomfortable. He couldn’t settle back down and Kurt brought him into our bed. He tossed and turned and kept putting his face against mine, trying to suck my face. I looked at my phone and it was 2.19am and I hadn’t had a wink of sleep. Eventually….. we all fell asleep.

Like clockwork, Alyssa walked into our bedroom at 7am and said “Mom, Dad, I didn’t wet the bed… see”. For some reason she needs to tell us this every morning. And so the day began.

I was really spoilt – I got lovely gifts and I got coffee and breakfast in bed and about 20 minutes to myself. All I wanted to do is go back to sleep though, but there was just no way, as I had to run a few errands and prep for our Mothers Day Tea.

Alyssa was so excited about the Tea Party and it was a really lovely afternoon, especially because their Great-Gran (Kurts gran) was here, who will be 100 years old in August. She really is so special and you would never say she is like 99!

Tea time

Tea time

It really was a special day, but yes I am tired!

There are many days I feel this way and one can easily lose sight and sometimes forget about the bigger picture. I saw this video below which actually puts it all in perspective and from now on, no matter how run-down I feel, I am go to remember the message I got out of watching and listening to this. Please do watch it and tell me what you think! (You may want to have some tissues handy).

If you’re a Mom – I hope you managed to have at least 20 minutes to yourself on Mothers Day and I also hope you got to spend some time with your own Mom and made her day special!

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

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