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I will never forget the words of my late Gran when My Mom and I visited her one Sunday Afternoon a few years ago.

Alyssa was just a few weeks old and Kurt said he would be fine to stay with her while we went. So I picked my Mom up and Kurt and Alyssa stayed with my Dad at my parents place.

When we arrived at my Grans, she asked where Alyssa was and we told her that Kurt and my Dad were watching her. She totally freaked out and said how on earth could we leave her with men. What if she needed a nappy change? She basically chased us back home to go and rescue Alyssa!

My Gran was born in 1919, so back in her day, Dads really didn’t have any baby duties. However, women didn’t really have to work either so that would have been their “job” then. But even if they did, it was still their duty!

Gone are those days for most families. In today’s times, the average household can just about make it on 2 incomes so the kids and household responsibilities are shared. I’m sure there are still cases where men (or even women) do feel that it’s a women’s job to take care of those things, but it’s not really that fair is it?

My Gran sadly didn’t live long enough (oh how I wish she had) to see how our household is run post Kids – she sure would have had a lot to say. I can’t remember the last time I cooked, Kurt does it all as he gets home from work before I do. I work a full day at the office and then after the kids are asleep, I work on my writing and blogging sometimes until midnight. I haven’t touched our washing machine in weeks, our Nanny/Domestic does all the laundry and Kurt watches both the Kids all by himself when I go and paint my nails!

Dad’s of today really do get their hands dirty – poop nappies and all!

This week Kurt took a day off  from work to accompany Alyssa to a school outing at the Aquarium and that same day Aidan’s Nanny called in sick. I had to go to work which meant Kurt went to the aquarium with both of them and looked after them until I got home after 5pm! Yes, the house was a mess – I could barely see the floor amidst all the toys/shoes/socks/food wrappers… BUT my kids were both alive and well!

I know Kurt is not the only one, I’ve seen many of  our friends transform from single, party animals to the sweetest, hands-on and most caring Dads! The ones you would least expect.

Dad’s have certainly come a long way and their extra efforts should certainly be commended and appreciated!

So this Fathers Day, I would like to wish all Dads out there a Happy and Most Deserving Day!

All set for Fathers Day! #love #dad #fathersday #bake #cake #instagood #instadaily #home

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  1. Laura June 19, 2016

    Yip, even my mom can’t believe that David does the things he does 🙂


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