Family Photoshoot with Lauren Pretorius Photography


I’m so happy to share some images of our Family Shoot with Lauren Pretorious Photography. Lauren is absolutely amazing to work with and it’s unbelievable that she captured such amazing shots in less than an hour.

Aidan is obsessed with cars, and Lauren knew exactly how to keep him happy throughout the shoot with an adorable little vintage car. He inspected the wheels, the lights and just could not get enough of it. Alyssa loves posing for photos, so she too was in her element.

We have over 60 amazing pictures, but I thought I’d share my favourite shots.

LaurenPretoriusphotography_048 LaurenPretoriusphotography_059 LaurenPretoriusphotography_045 LaurenPretoriusphotography_040 LaurenPretoriusphotography_057 LaurenPretoriusphotography_050 LaurenPretoriusphotography_046 LaurenPretoriusphotography_026
LaurenPretoriusphotography_012 LaurenPretoriusphotography_018 LaurenPretoriusphotography_036 LaurenPretoriusphotography_024 LaurenPretoriusphotography_002
LaurenPretoriusphotography_005 LaurenPretoriusphotography_004



  1. Zayaan Schroeder July 8, 2016

    Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous family! I want to get her to our pics too once baba arrives and it a bit bigger.

    • Hayley July 8, 2016

      Thanks Zayaan. You have to! Lauren is lovely 😉


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