Cabin Fever Is Getting To Us

Winter used to be my favourite season, but since becoming a Mom, my opinion has been swayed somewhat. Winter no longer just means sipping on a glass of red and chilling by the fire place – in fact, theres not even many opportunities for that anymore. Nowadays, Winter means snotty noses, depleted medical aid savings and cabin fever!

Last week alone, we had 3 trips to the paedetrician! The wave of germs started last weekend already and Alyssa was so dissapointed that she had to miss a friends birthday party.

When I showed her a picture of the birthday boy on Instagram, wearing a dungaree – she got even more sad as she was going to wear her new dungaree to the party. Poor girl! I promised her that she will get to wear it the next weekend.

Well, eventhough we didnt get to go anywhere special, ( with Aidan now also being under the weather) she got to dress up … Aidan also got in on the fun.







They were literally all dressed up and nowhere to go. We just went for a quick ice-cream on Sunday afternoon and a little walk in the park, just to keep the cabin fever at bay.

P.S – I’ve started an instagram page to capture my little fashionistas style – Click here if you’d like to follow.






  1. Luchae Williams August 8, 2016

    Loooove the dungarees! Also considering starting an Ista page for my girly! Little girl clothes are just so cute man!

    • Hayley August 8, 2016

      I know right….. I struggle to find cute boy stuff. I always find myself in the girls section 🙂


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