Celebrating Baby’s First Year – Seth

This series has been rather quiet on the blog lately, but I really love doing these features – especially when the subject is someone who is dear to me.

Meet Seth – He’s just turned 1 and he is just the cutest little pudding pie!


I met his Mom Sandra over 3 years ago – just a few weeks before I gave birth to Alyssa. Sandra works at a leading beauty salon and at the time, I was looking to have a treatment done. Never in my whole entire life, have I felt so comfortable and at ease!

Over the years we have gotten to know each other well and Sandra really is just one in a million! I can tell you – there are not many people out there like her. She is so sincere and thoughtful. Seth is absolutely blessed to have a Mom like her.

The road to falling pregnant, pregnancy and months following Seth’s birth has really been a rollercoaster ride for her and her husband Nicholas. It means so much to me that Sandra has agreed to share her story with Hayley’s Joys.

I chatted with her about her about her first year as a Mom, and this is what she had to say:

1. What would you say has been the most challenging part of the past year for you?

That overwhelming  feeling of being alone with this little baby every single day – wishing you had someone there to help you because you not sure if you doing the right thing or not.

When Seth started creche in January he was getting sick quite a bit. Being exposed to other babies, he got so many ear infections, fevers and  became chesty until he was hospitalised. Our first easter was spent in hospital. It’s just the worst thing ever  when your child gets sick. As the Mother, you feel so helpless. You  wish you can take their  pain away instantly.


My marriage also took a knock. It’s amazing how things  can change the minute a baby is there.  I’m not sure if it’s because we waited 7 years to have Seth but things have definitely changed between myself and Nicholas. We got so used to just the two of us – then all of the sudden there is this little person in our lives. It almost feels like we’re not as close as we  used to be. I was told it’s gets better though……

I also found that time wasn’t  always on my side. One gets so used to having all this time in the world, until one day you realise how precious time really is.

2. What has been the most rewarding part of this past year for you?

Being a mother!!!!! to (Seth). That feeling you can’t explain when you can’t wait to get home to see him or you wish your work day can just go by really  quickly. Just seeing  that face makes you forget about the bad day you had, especially  when you feeling down and out. That feeling knowing that there is a person that’s so dependent on you.

To be called Mama Mama – that was Seth’s  first words.

I would have to say the breastfeeding has also been rewarding but at the same time, it’s been a struggle.. But I persevered and up until today I’m proud to say that I’m still breastfeeding and I don’t think that Seth intends  stopping anytime soon. He loves his milkies way too much.

He might just end up like me who fed up until the age of 2.

3. How do you juggle working full time and being a Mommy?

It’s so hectic at times. I sometimes  don’t know how I do it. I work 9am-6pm one week and the following  week 10am-7pm. On Sat 8am-5pm and sun/public holiday’s  9am-2pm. I sometimes wish that I had 10 extra hands just to help me! We get home so late then I still need to feed, bath,pack his bag for the next day and settle him for bed time.  He won’t go sleep alone so I go lay with him and feed  him until he falls asleep.

He falls asleep in the middle of our bed – I have tried  putting him in his own bed but he has been going through  separation anxiety since the age of 8 months. He just wants to be with me – I can’t put him down – he just screams and cries. Sometimes it’s very frustrating because I got him on one side of my hip and I have to do everything  else with the other side of my body. It’s like he wants to be attached to me 24/7.

It’s very hard trying to adjust to your new life as a first time mom!

4. Have you done anything special to record Seth’s milestones (sitting up, crawling, first tooth, walking etc) throughout this year?

It’s so sad how we can’t always be the first to witness these precious milestones. I have taken a video of him crawling, it was so emotional to see how quick he is growing up. He has 6 teeth already. He’s not walking as yet but standing up against things. He is very busy and loves being on the floor, exploring. I was warned that when he starts walking he is going to keep me on my toes!

5. Is there anything new that you’ve learned about yourself since you’ve become a parent?

Seth has definitely taught me how to be more assertive and speak up when I’m not happy. I’m such a softy and people tend to take advantage of me. I can’t say No easily and  I’m always wanting to make everyone else happy, besides myself.

I didn’t realise I had super mom  powers. It’s amazing how you just do what you need to and act quickly.


When I get sick there is no time feeling sorry for myself. You almost forget how you feeling so you pull yourself together and do what you do best. You became selfless. From the time I found out I was pregnant with Seth, my mindset changed. I always felt the need  to protect him in every possible way. You give your all and everything to make sure his happiness  comes first.  I however sometimes forgot about taking care of myself BUT I have told myself by the time Seth turns a year old, I’m going to start focusing on me a little.

6. Seth is now officially a toddler! Are you ready for what this new chapter has to bring – walking, running, talking and the good old tantrums 🙂 ?

Gosh time has really flown by way too quickly. 1 year ago Seth made his appearance and  the next thing he has became a toddler. It’s actually so scary. A very good friend shared a video on Mothers day by Nichole Nordeman – “Slow down”. I couldn’t help but got all teary watching it. It’s a must see for all Mothers. All we want to do is keep them so small forever but it’s not possible.

I’m looking forward to him taking his first steps and too many more happy moments.

I can’t wait for him to start talking but then I need to be so careful what I say. Children have a tendency  to repeat what you say to other people.

As far as the tantrums go, I hope he won’t have a temper like Nicholas  had as a child. I just hope that I will be able to handle it and deal with it in a proper manner. I don’t mind him being naughty but I wouldn’t like for him to be rude.

7. How did you celebrate Seth’s first birthday?

We celebrated his first birthday party at Gazoome Play centre in Milnerton on the 24th of July where very close family and friends who have been there for us from the day Seth was a little bean. I was so excited and nervous on the days leading up to it. People really had so much to say – like why are you even giving him a party he won’t even remember. Well, he might not remember it, but if he asks me one day if he had a first birthday, I can show him photos and say “yes my boy, you did.”


Sandra – Thank you for opening up and sharing your experience with me and the readers of Hayley’s Joys. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this post together, its actually been so emotional for me too. I’m so honoured to have been able to celebrate Seth’s milestone with you and your lovely family.




  1. Paul Rutledge August 8, 2016

    That’s my boy Seth Pa loves u lots and proud of Mommy and Daddy too….. You both are Awesome parents ………

  2. Kim Muller August 10, 2016

    That’s great! Pity my kiddos are past the first year already. Would’ve loved to participate. 🙂

    • Hayley August 10, 2016

      Pity! I love doing these posts 🙂


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