Making Memories With Pampers – Celebrating Baby’s First Special Moments

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Just a few weeks ago we had Aidan’s hair cut for the very first time. We always make a fuss about “firsts” and this was one of many over the past few years.

It was yet another reminder to me of how quickly Aidan is growing up and that I no longer have a little baby in the house.

He will be 2 years old this year (Eek… terrible two’s approaching) and Alyssa will be 4…. Where has the time gone?

I enjoy looking back at pictures, videos and some of my previous blog posts showcasing just how special those moments were.

Here are some of our favourite “Firsts”

First Smile


You know how challenging and exhausting those first few weeks of baby’s life can be? What made it worthwhile for me, was when I witnessed that very first smile. It totally made those sleepless nights worthwhile and almost forgotten!

Baby’s usually smile at around 4-6 weeks for the first time & I can still remember how happy I was to see those gums!

First Tooth

I made notes of when we saw that first tooth, and for both kid’s it erupted when they reached the 7-month mark.

To celebrate, we made pancakes on the day and shared with extended family. I’m not sure where exactly this tradition comes from but nonetheless, it was a special way to commemorate the day.

First Birthday

Many Parents are of the view that a baby won’t remember their first birthday, while it may be true I’m sure at some stage the child will want to know how that day was celebrated. I believe it’s a very special milestone for babies and their parents, hence I even had a series on my blog titled “Celebrating Baby’s first Year“.



The celebration does not always have to be an expensive party, it can just be family members getting together with some cake and take lots of pictures to remember the day.

First Word

That first word which comes out of your baby’s mouth will literally melt your heart. Alyssa and Aidan both said “Mama” first which was the best thing ever!

First Step

Many parents begin to worry when their child hasn’t begun to walk after their first birthday, however, I believe every child is different and will develop at different stages.

Alyssa started crawling at about 8-9 months and began walking just a few weeks after her first birthday.

Aidan, however, could just about crawl at his first birthday, I naturally thought he would be a late walker but overnight he just started walking before he was 14 months.

No matter what age… that moment you see that first step being taken you will be overwhelmed with Joy!

First Day Of Preschool


This was probably one of the scariest parenting moment for me – watching Alyssa walk into a classroom for the first time…. WITHOUT even shedding a tear. I was balling my eyes out but she was just so independent and confident.

These special moments are worth treasuring and I’m so glad to be able to share them you in collaboration with Pampers.



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