My Wardrobe Dreams Realised

So almost 3 years after moving into our additional renovated bedroom, we finally have a bedroom closet!

Renovations are definitely the worst thing to prepare a budget for. The unexpected always seems to happen and your budget spreadsheet may as well be moved to your recycle bin before you even see the end of the project. This was our experience, at least. Midway through we had reprioritised and cut out things which could wait until later.

Well, this was one of those items. We had more than enough space in the cupboards in the other bedrooms at the time, but with an extra kid around and a daughter with a complete dress fetish – we had to make a plan to get our own space.

I knew exactly what I wanted and luckily for me, my Dad is an excellent Carpenter at trade, so he was, of course, the go-to person. This man, however, is so busy and so loyal to his employer (lol) that it literally took us a few months to get this together, with the final touches being put on this month (and maybe a few more to follow).

So before he began, we literally had a blank wall, with a cloak hanger and TV unit which looked OK I guess. When we moved those away, this is what it looked like.. literally a blank wall.

I’ve always loved the idea of mirror sliding doors and wasn’t going to settle on anything else, so this was definitely worth the wait. My Dad and his team made it look so simple. Aidan was so cute through this process, and literally grabbed a chair, sat and watched Pa put it all together. He asked “Pa, whats this?” like a million times but it was super adorable and he of course admires Pa even more after watching him drill in those screws! Alyssa was  super excited too, but was more concerned whether Pa and his team had enough snacks and beverages.

I have a bit of a blazer and shoe fetish and so I thought I’d make these focal points for the design and also take up a lot of space in the other bedrooms cupboards. I also love super huge deep draws, which are great to store shoes, clothes and also scarves (yes, another obsession).

I still have some ideas to spruce up the vanity section, so that’s still a bit of a work in progress.

Poor Kurt has always had the raw end of the stick when it came to space for his clothes, so at least now he has his own space too. He can actually see all his clothes as there’s over enough room to be spaced out and not all squeezed into a few shelves.

We can also hide our television and other equipment in one of the compartments, which saves space and can be hidden out the way when not in use.

Even though it took a while to come together, I’m so happy with the end result. A special Thank You to my Dad and his guys for their hard work.




  1. Kim Muller March 22, 2017

    I love it!! Love the mirror sliding doors, and all that closet space!?!? Sheesh well done Hayley!

    • Hayley March 22, 2017

      Thanks Kim!

  2. mommabearTrax March 22, 2017

    Exactly what we want as well! Love it! Now then. ..your dads business contact deets please? (His company? ) Would totally use their services if youre dad is going to be on the project!

    • Hayley March 22, 2017

      Thanks T! Will inbox you Hun 😉

  3. Anthea o'neill March 22, 2017

    it looks amazing Hayley! It looks magazine spread worthy!

  4. Cirsten van den heuvel March 22, 2017

    Wow this looks so amazing. Love it.

  5. Rolene March 22, 2017

    Wow it looks so beautiful!

  6. MeeA March 22, 2017

    I have something very similar in mind for my own bedroom; You should totally share your dad’s company details – I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d be happy to get a quote from him!


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