Keeping The Winter Cravings At Bay

Summer bodies are made in Winter, right?

Yes, this is what I keep telling myself but with the colder weather setting in, I just cannot help myself. I’m sure there are a few of us who can feel our waists expanding as we indulge in that melt-in-your-mouth slice of malva pudding that we know we shouldn’t be eating! “One piece won’t hurt” Won’t it?

I’m trying very hard to stay motivated and will hold myself accountable if come Summer I hide behind my husband’s perfectly chiselled body. Yes, this makes it 100 times worse, when your hubby is so good and sticking to his eating and training plan, and I’m out here binge eating on the kid’s Easter eggs and soon to be popping out of my skinny jeans!

Although I’m getting in some regular exercise – I’m merely just balancing out the extra calorie intake. This has to stop!

Summer Bodies are made in Winter sadly 😫 👙

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Help me get my mind right here… What’s going to change? What is my plan?

I was on a certain weight loss eating plan a very long time ago and lost a substantial amount of weight in a few months, so I know what formula to follow and what works for me. I just need to stick to it and make it my lifestyle again.

In addition to that, I have a few other pointers on how I’m going to stay on track:

  • 2L of water per day helps flush out toxins and also helps with the cravings
  • I won’t skip breakfast. When this happens, I tend to stuff my face all day when I eventually get the chance.
  • No eating after 7pm (This has been my worst habit lately)
  • A cup of healthy veggie soup as a snack, instead of a starchy snack.
  • Good complex carbs only!!!
  • Moderate exercise at least 3 times per week (even when it’s freezing cold and storming outside).
  • SUNDAYS are reward days, so I will treat myself to a slice of cake or a small chocolate!

I think I’m actually going to print copies of this post and keep it on my fridge and in my journal, as a constant reminder to stay on track!!!

Do you have any tips for me? How can I curb my snacking ways?

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  1. Heidi sneddon June 1, 2017

    i feel you! My husband and i have such sweet tooths and it usually kicks in at night when watching tv. Maybe i should follow your rule about not eating after 7pm. Lol


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