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Let’s rewind a few decades back, to when most men were the sole breadwinners in the home. It was a man’s duty to work and bring home the bacon, and it was the woman’s duty to be barefoot, pregnant in the kitchen.

While some families may still be able to afford that arrangement, these days both parties have to do some form of work to bring in an income.

Does this mean that caring for the kids is now an equal responsibility for both parents?

Well, I can only speak for my own household and from what I’ve observed from a few family and friends and in the majority of cases – Modern day Dads are playing their parts!

The Modern day Dads in my circle, play an equal role in the household and raising the kids today. Cooking, cleaning, watching the kids while Mommy has her nails done – these men are happy to do it all.

In fact, in my household, as bad as it may sound – I hardly ever cook for my family. That is Dad’s role in our home and the kids love it. That’s their way of spending time with each other every day.

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I honestly don’t think the Dads back in my Dad’s day were as willing to change poo diapers as today’s Dad are. Well, then again, they never had disposable nappies like Pampers back then.  Pampers nappies actually make life easier for Dads as changing nappies is literally so easy now, and it’s not half as bad of a job as it was back then.

I’m probably generalising a lot here and speaking from my own observations, but, the Modern Day Dad has come a long way.

I always seem to feel that Mothers Day gets a lot more emphasis than Fathers Day does – is it just me? I, however, feel that there are many Dads out there who should be equally commended and get that pat on the back!

So in light of Fathers Day, I think I’m going to give some special focus on the Papa’s on the blog this month! I think they deserve it, don’t you?

Watch this space.

Is your Baby Dady a “Modern Dad”? Or not? I would love to hear, so please leave a comment below




  1. Simone Cameron June 9, 2017

    My mom always says how lucky we are today to have ‘hands on dads’. It’s bizarre to me that the older generation men got away with doing so little. My husband knows I don’t change a poop nappy…ever. lol. So ya, he definitely does his part…more than me actually. He baths the kids 90% of the time, puts toddler to sleep (because toddler is a bit obsessed with him). I don’t know that we’re ‘lucky’, because I reckon we’re both the parents and he wanted kids more than I ever did. I love this equal parenting thing. Great post <3 PS I love the pics of the dads!

  2. Londile June 9, 2017

    He definitely is. Times have changed. Like you said before women stayed at home and looked after the kids. nowadays women work full time jobs, we get home exhausted too. We can’t be expected to carry all the load alone, we’d be bushed! I’m grateful that my husband is hands on. He baths our son, makes him food and feeds him, changes his diaper etc.

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