Better Hair Days With bhave Hair Products

Since becoming a Mom, my hair is probably the one thing that has been completely neglected. I used to visit the hair salon frequently days prior, but now – I can barely even remember when last I visited one.

So I’ve mostly opted for home colour and treatments of late, which is probably not all bad but it has certainly taken a toll over the last couple of years. For one, I can’t even tell what colour my hair is anymore!

Secondly, my hair is definitely due for a trim, so the ends started looking rather dry.

This is why I was excited to start trialing the bhave repair shampoo and conditioner.

bhave is an award-winning salon haircare product range which was brought into South Africa in April, from Australia.

bhave is the first Australian brand to introduce the benefits of a patented raw natural keratin technology into its hair care range. This gently extracted, fully bioactive keratin protein , called Replicine keratin, is naturally derived and gently extracted from the wool of *New Zealand sheep, keeping critical amino acids and proteins intact. In fact, Replicine keratin is also being used in wound care.

This keratin has the unique ability to penetrate the hair shaft and is able to bind to severely damaged hair, rebuilding the internal structure and restoring strength, elasticity and shine.
bhave consists of an entire range of shampoos, conditioners, styling products, treatments, color, in-salon repair treatments and in-salon smoothing treatments (with absolutely no formaldehyde).  Every product is free from sulphates, parabens and sodium chloride.
Usually sulphate free shampoo doesn’t tend to lather and foam a lot, but I found the bhave rescue shampoo to foam nicely,  and it felt like my hair was getting a really good wash.

After the first use, I could immediately see a lot more shine in my hair and after a few washes, I find my hair has more volume too! My hair tends to get “flat” after a few hours of blow drying it, but since using the rescue shampoo and conditioner I can see a noticeable change, with the healthy volume lasting a day or so longer.

I’m also quite enjoying the articles on the bhave blog at the moment. Definitely, hair goals for me start working towards!



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  1. Melissa Javan June 16, 2017

    Your hair looks stunning!


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