Watch Your Drawings Come To Life At Future Park!

Last night we attended the Media Launch of Future Park at the V&A Waterfront. We had an absolute blast watching our creations come to life, at this interactive exhibition.

Alyssa and Aidan were completely mesmerized by it all and are already begging to go back! If you follow me on Instagram and watched my Instastory, you would have seen why.

Thankfully, the exhibition will be here for a while!

Interactive digital technology will breathe life into children’s drawings at teamLab’s Future Park exhibition at the V&A Waterfront’s Watershed from 23 September to 31 January. This perfect family exhibition has come to South Africa for the first time this year. The exhibition has seen more than four million children across the world play in an ever-changing digital environment while they develop their fine motor skills. The exhibition’s fun, interactive activities will captivate the imagination and introduce young ones to the wonders of technology by using scanners and sensors to make each child’s colourful drawings come to life in a digital universe. At the sketch aquarium, children can colour in fish and other water creatures, scan them and watch as they swim about with other children’s creations across a floor-to-ceiling digital screen. Children will also encounter a sketch town where they can draw a car and see it drive around in a town, a light-ball orchestra filled with large balls that change colour and music as they touch it, a colourful game of hopscotch, a town they build and digitally connect, as well as a table where little people come alive.

After the Cape Town run, the exhibition will move to Johannesburg in 2018. For more information go to or visit the Computicket website to buy tickets. Special family tickets are available and all activities are included in the cost.

Special family tickets are available and all activities are included in the cost.


You don’t want to miss this one!




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  1. Karen at MomAgain@40 September 22, 2017

    Cool! Happy to hear that it’s coming to Johannesburg!


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