I’ve Completed My GetSmarter Course – Now What?


The past few weeks have just gone by so quickly! It is honestly a blur to me.

Not only is the year almost over,  I’ve succesfully completed all six modules of my GetSmarter online course and without blowing my own horn here – I am so chuffed with my results!

What’s even most exciting to me is the fact that I have SO many new ideas and  things I can immediately start implementing – without physically even having my certificate!

The overall experience has been a really positive one. While it was a bit of a challenge making time for my learning, it was time well spent and completely relevant to my career goals.

What I most loved about the course is how modern, relevant and up-to-date the learning material is. It  made my learning  an exciting experience and it left me pumped to move on the next module to learn more.

The Copywriting for Online Marketing Short Course has broadened my horizons and has also given me a new perspective on my own online space (yes, the very blog you are reading) and I’m really excited about taking this platform to the next level!

Watch this space…



I’ve recieved quite a few questions from some of you regarding the specific course I’ve done as well as the GetSmarter platform itself, so I’m working on a little vlog to answer some of them.

Do let me know if you have any other questions, then I can hopefully address them too.



Why It’s Important To Invest In Yourself – 17/11

Whether you’re a Doctor or a make-up artist, you need to keep your skills and knowledge up to date!

Not just that, I think it’s so important to constantly think about ways to forward your career by adding new skills and qualifications to your CV – as well as experiences!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’d know a bit about my career journey as well as the fact that I’m currently doing a course in Copywriting for Online Marketing with UCT. 

More importantly – I am not doing the course aimlessly. I have a few end goals in mind and I want to capitalise on my new knowledge as much as possible. Here’s what I have in mind…

1. Impress me much

Even though I have a few qualifications and studying towards another, what does that really mean?

I think that most employers and partners respect individuals who keep moving forward and develop themselves!  I know I certainly do.

To me, growth and development means more than a degree.

2. New Opportunities

Just by adding a few extra skills to my set, I might be able to win new types of work for my blog or other partnerships in the future.

Who knows?

3. Combine skills to stand out from the crowd

I don’t know what the future holds, but I might need something extra, or a unique combination of skills which can actually be a unique selling point for whatever I want to achieve.

When selecting a course with Getsmarter, I tried to think of different creative combinations that could make me stand out from the crowd.

What would make you stand out?

4. Gain a sense of achievement

The best part about learning a new skill is feeling that sense of achievement. Isn’t it?

The whole process of learning is so interesting and rewarding, and it is allowing me to gain great insights into my own character and capabilities! Through this, I might even make valuable business contacts and meet new friends along the way.

As I’m heading toward the end of my course, I’m looking forward to what the future has to hold.

Browse the Getsmarter offering and see if there’s anything that sparks your passion!




Why Online Learning Is Working For Me – 06/11/17

So I’m about halfway through my UCT Copywriting for Online Marketing Course with GetSmarter and I must admit things are getting intense. Eek!

For those of you that have been asking me about the level of this course – I can now tell you that it starts off quite basic and then progresses to an intermediate and advanced level.

The first two modules covered lots of theory and the assignments were multiple choice questions based on the learning content. Thereafter, things get a bit more intense…

Module 3 is where I actually had to start applying the theory and give practical examples to prove my understanding! I haven’t received results from this module yet, so I’m a bit nervy about that!

As I mentioned in my last update, getting started on a module early in the week is a great idea but with life and everything else, its easier said than done. For the last two weeks, I’ve spent my Saturday nights with the books, but you know what….it actually worked for me!

A decade ago, I would have cringed at the thought of studying on a Saturday night.

Saturday is the day of the week where the kids are the most tired and they end up falling asleep quite early. Kurt is also studying at the moment, and he too was studying – so it’s panned out well. That’s the beauty of online learning I suppose – you can work at your own pace and at times that’s most convenient to you!

As I’m getting through the modules, I’m finding myself applying some of the principles I’ve learned through this course. My brain is now also in spark mode, probably from all the new information stored in my brain – and have so many ideas popping up for this blog and for my career going forward.

I’m really so thankful for this collaboration with GetSmarter and I’m glad I chose to do the course at this stage of the year –  I think it’s giving me the edge to kick off 2018 with a bang!

Wish me luck for the next module.


Orientation & Module 1 – 16/10/17

My online course has officially started with GetSmarter and so far, so good!

I was initially a bit anxious about getting started and thought that I’d be overwhelmed with information about where; what and how everything works – but thankfully, just before Module 1 started, my new online classmates and I had to complete an orientation module which I found extremely useful.
The orientation module allowed me to get familiar with the online portal, download a calendar of all my deliverables for the weeks ahead and even do a mock assignment to make sure I know exactly what I need to do for all the graded activities. There were also formal introductions from our Success Manager and Head Tutor, so at least I know who to call on for help!

So, by the time Module 1 officially began, I was confident about what I needed to do.

When Module 1 was officially released, the notification email had a very interesting statistic therein – Screenshot below:

Interesting, right? So this piece of advice has stuck with me and I’ve basically been going through all the course notes and videos in bite-size chunks.

Kurt always says I’m a “teachers pet” or “goodie two shoes” but my assignment has been handed in and I’m ready for Module two! But it’s all because of the approach I’ve followed. If I’d left it all for the weekend, it would not have worked out so well.

From the start of the course, there have also been some interesting threads on the student discussion forums. Students and our Head Tutor have been chatting about things that are actually happening in the copywriting world right now. It just makes this course so much more relatable and exciting!

I’ve also been sharing some behind the scenes learning with Getsmarter on social media accounts since the get go – so if you don’t already, follow me on Instagram or Twitter to see how things are going with my course.

I’ll share another update soon!


P.S. I’ll be updating the same post with each update, so if it’s the first time you’re reading this and you want to follow on, read from the bottom entry up 🙂


Introduction – 26/09/17

I have some really exciting news to share!

Remember when I shared my goals for Spring with you? Well, I’ve added just added another item to that list!

I am so excited! Within the next few weeks, I will be starting an online course in collaboration with GetSmarter.

If you haven’t heard about GetSmarter – It’s is an online education company based in Cape Town and London. GetSmarter collaborates with leading universities, such as the University of Cape Town, to offer premium online short courses to working professionals across various industries!

I’ve actually been eyeing a few of their Marketing courses for a while, but have ultimately chosen to do the UCT Copywriting for Online Marketing online short course 

I have so many reasons for my selection and I’ve put a lot of thought into it. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you would know that I have a few different career paths. My career in social media, writing, and blogging is fairly new and whilst I may have a university degree and a few other qualifications – NONE of them relate to marketing, journalism, writing or anything of the sort!

In other words, I’ve been winging this whole writing and social media thing all of this time! Eek…Self-taught – to put it in a nicer way.

But, this is the crazy part about how the internet has evolved our lives. It has changed the way people consume information. Today’s online reader is sceptical, impatient and easily distracted. Previously, journalists and media personnel were the information gatekeepers, but now online users can access what they want to know at the click of a button and they can click away just as swiftly!

So in order to keep the attention of a distracted audience, online writing demands a lot more thought, strategy and skill.

I want to up my game so that that the content I produce is clear, valuable, engaging, easily accessed, well-structured and concise!

I think that the UCT Copywriting for Online Marketing online short course is the one that will help me achieve that goal.

So where will I find the time?

 GetSmarter’s learning model is actually designed with people like me in mind – as a working professional, I can’t afford to compromise on work and family responsibilities. The course work is broken up into weekly, manageable bite-sized modules, with incremental deadlines, which has been designed to help pace myself over the duration of the course and will allow me the legroom to work when it suits me best.

At the beginning of each week, I am going to be presented with all the lectures, notes and assignments necessary for completion. I will also have access to my Success Manager who will help me set goals and track key milestones, manage my time, and field any administrative requests I might have.

And, I’m going to give you an update every step of the way…

The course has six modules kicking off on 5 October, so stay tuned as I work through each one.

Wish me luck!



You can browse all of the GetSmarter online courses here.













  1. Cherralle September 26, 2017

    This is an excellent platform. Good luck with your studies. I did a 12 week digital marketing course (I am in HR). I loved it so much I am now doing a further diploma through a marketing school in SA So I’m a big fan and by letting people know and following your journey will inspire many! And by the way it was perfect with my lifestyle as I work full time and I have 2 kids.

    • Hayley September 26, 2017

      This absolutely great to hear as I’m a bit worried about juggling everything but you have put my mind at ease! The digital marketing course you done was on my top 3 list , but opted on this one as it’s something I’d like to focus on. All the best for your diploma xxx

  2. Yolandi North October 5, 2017


  3. Abby November 29, 2017

    Such a great course choice and an excellent, very informative blog post!

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

    • Hayley November 29, 2017

      Thanks Abby! I absolutely loved it.


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