Prepping For That Perfect Pool Time With Wimpy Mo’ Summer


The sun is shining and the weather is sweet!

How better to spend your time than lounging pool side during the Summer holidays?

Spending lots of time in the pool is top of my family’s agenda this holiday – and with just the right amount of planning and a few key accessories, we’re really going to make a splash.

The pool on its own is a wonderful resource for having fun, and the kids always love to gather together to play in the water. So the planning is mostly about considering all the other details, isn’t it?

Here are a few items to check off pre-pool time:


Time in and around the pool makes for very hungry kids (Mom and Dad too)! Fresh fruit and water is best of course, but if they’re really hungry they wouldn’t mind a tasty burger!

Make a call to Uber Eats or Mr Delivery and get some Wimpy Burgers delivered to your pool! It’s probably a good idea to designate a time for the meal, so everyone eats together, and the kids stay out of the pool for a while.


A very important factor to think about when spending time around the pool is the safety issue. When there are kids around, there ALWAYS has to be a “designated watcher.” That person should only be watching the kids, not checking a cell phone or flipping those burgers on the grill!

Quality Time

Relaxing by the poolside can make for some great Mommy-daughter or Daddy-son quality time. Without any hustle or bustle or a care in the world, this relaxing time can turn into special bonding moments.

Between walking and swimming after the kids, Mom and Dad may even be able to sneak in a 5 second cuddle.


Have some toys available – Water floats and things like that, for the kids to play with. Kids also love to make up their own games in the water, so likely you’ll have to go with the flow. Also have a few board games available for when everyone’s had enough time in the pool.


Have Fun!

Spend Summer with the people that you love because those are the summer moments you’ll remember! Visit the Wimpy Mo’ Summer website to get some great tips to get mo’ summer out of your summer.

Also, visit the WIMPY FACEBOOK PAGE and let Momo know about the summer activities that you and your family enjoy – and you could WIN 1 OF 2 FAMILY HOLIDAYS!

How great is that?

Images by Curtis Golden Photography





  1. Laura December 8, 2017

    What a stunning set of pictures 🙂 Summer really is the best time isnt it.

    • Hayley December 8, 2017

      Thanks Laura! Indeed it is


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