Mama, Yo’ Skirt Is Too Short

skirt shorts

Earlier this month, Kurt and I attended a gorgeous wedding celebration! The dress code on the invitation stated “Summer Chic

I interpreted that as less formal than… well … formal. I was relieved, as we’d just returned from our Durban Holiday and certainly didn’t have time to put together a formal outfit.

At first, I thought I’d just wear a summery dress and a pair of heels but it was so hot that day. I wanted to opt for something a bit more comfortable …

I bought a “cheeky” ruffled shorts over the holidays, which sort of resembles a skirt. A very short one that is.

I tried it on with a blousy top and asked my fashion consultant, AKA Alyssa, for her opinion. She genuinely has a good eye for fashion and will always highlight and compliment what she likes about your outfit. She’ll also politely give you a bit of advice as to whats not working.

Alyssa said: “Mom, I love the skirt shorts and the shoes, but the top is too boring.” I explained to her that I felt comfortable in the boring black top and she agreed that a brighter or tighter top would be over the top 🙂 But overall, she loved my outfit.

Still, I never thought I’d ever wear a “shorts” to a wedding but gosh, it was just so comfortable.

skirt shorts

The day of the wedding I posted the above picture to my Instagram and a few days later I updated my Whatsapp profile picture too. Then, a number of messages popped up on my phone. All regarding this picture. Strange – I even received a message from someone I haven’t heard from in close to a decade!

And they all went along the lines of “That skirt is short”

In all honesty, I just laughed them all off. Firstly, it’s actually

Firstly, it’s actually a shorts, but anyway – they clearly didn’t zoom in close enough.

But, it did make me wonder whether there’s some kind of cardinal rule that once you reach a certain age, or once you become a Mom, you’re not allowed to rock a mini? 

skirt shorts

Well, even if there is such a rule, I’d stay stuff it.

On the day, I felt good in MY choice of clothing (and still do). And that is ALL that matters.

Over the holidays I saw a few people of different shapes and sizes posting pictures on social media of themselves, in their swimsuit, with an inspiring body positive message attached to it. I LOVE seeing these posts and truly admire their confidence. These posts really inspire me and just like them, I felt proud in my shorts on that day!

When I shared a little bit about this on my Instagram last week, I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was sort of posting a tiny little body positivity message there myself – which is something I honestly didn’t think I would ever be confident enough to do.

My Insta Fam also totally made me blush with their compliments! Love you, ladies.

Moral of my story: Be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t let anyone kill your vibe!



P.S  Funny enough, I stumbled upon an article referencing a study based on “opinions” on cut-off ages for a woman’s dress code. I’m apparently still allowed to wear a mini for a little bit longer. Ha!



  1. Luchae Williams January 25, 2018

    Uhhh if your hubby is okay with it, then wear the skirt girl! you looked saaaaxy!

  2. Mari-Louise Candiotes January 25, 2018

    I think you look amazing!

    • Hayley January 25, 2018

      thank you

  3. stephanie January 27, 2018

    If i had your legs def would wear it, you look amazing

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