How I Met Your Father

How I met your father

The first month of 2018 is done and dusted which brings us closer to the next “big day” of the year – Valentines Day.

Whether you’re single, newly wed or married for decades, Valentines Day is one that doesn’t go by forgotten – even if you don’t have a romantic bone in your body.

This year, my valentine and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage so I thought it would be appropriate for me to turn up the heat with a lil’ romance on the blog!

Ooh la la….

I’m not sure how exactly this series will pan out but I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve.

But to kick off I thought I’d share a bit about how Kurt and I met. Perhaps in a few years time, Alyssa and Aidan can visit my blog and read about how I met their father.

Unlike the TV series “How I met your Mother”, our story may be years long but I will definitely not drag it out as much as the series did/is doing! Is that series still running? Did viewers ever find out how he met their Mom? Anyway, I’m digressing. Sorry. But let me know please.

This may sound weird, but I knew Kurt’s entire family (except him) for 5 years before we actually met.

Kurt is 8 years older than I am, so he’s kind of a cradle snatcher. Literally, when I was in std.2 or grade 4 as they call it now, he was in Matric!

Age aint nothing but a number! He he

I attended the same high school as his younger brother and also lived a few roads away from his parents. So during our high school days, while our group of friends used to hang out at his house, Kurt had already moved out of his parents home and was travelling the world!

So for more than 5 years I knew that my friend had this older brother but never ever met him. I even used to tease his brother and say, does he even exist? He used to talk about him all the time, yet nobody ever saw him.

Only when I was out of high school a couple of years later, I finally met this elusive brother.  He was back from his travels, crashing at his parents place.

I will never forget the day when I walked in their backyard and he was cleaning the pool – wearing a trouser and no t-shirt! When I was introduced to him, I can literally remember blushing all shades of pink and red. He was so freakin hot!

For the next year or so, we kept bumping into each other at parties and braais and literally became buddies. Party buddies that is, nothing more but I obviously had the hots for him but wasn’t sure if he felt the same way. But then one night, on New Years Eve to be exact, our friendship turned into a little something more.

How I met your father

Then a funny thing happened. Instead of waking up with butterflies in my tummy on new years morning, I woke with a huge throbbing lump behind my ear. Turns out, I had Mumps.

The doctor warned me to stay clear of all young males, as mumps is contagious and can have an effect on male fertility. It was awful, all I wanted to do was see Kurt again, but I couldn’t – for at least the next 10 days. That was the second “longest 10 days of my life”. The very longest 10 days of my life was when I was overdue with Alyssa.

Eventually, when I did see him, I was super shy and completely smitten. But that year, I was in my second year and studying was my top priority. He also just started a job with long hours and weekend work, so we didn’t see each other that often so things never really got serious for a while, but eventually it started too. And just when it did, he was offered a job overseas for 9 months that was just too good to refuse.

So when he left, I was really sad. I can still remember that day.

As long-distance relationships go, especially when you’re young – we kept in contact, we sent each other letters (via POST lol), postcards and the occasional call. There was no whatsapp or facebook so daily contact was just not possible. But that was the third longest nine months of my life (you know when the first and second was lol)

When he returned, we weren’t quite sure of where our relationship was going. He was due to leave again in just a few weeks. We also knew that a long distance relationship just wasn’t working for us! But we spent lots of time together during that period, just like we did before – but basically, in my mind, we were saying goodbye.

When the day came for him to depart, I saw his departure as our official break-up. I accompanied him and his family to the airport to say goodbye. I was sad but I’d already come to terms with our relationship coming to end. So I psyched myself up to bid him farewell as he went to check in his bags. My stomach was in a knot, but I at least had a form of closure over that last few weeks. I was prepared to never see this man again.

Then, not even 5 minutes of him standing in the check-in queue he walks back towards us. I thought he may have left his passport in my bag or something. So I already started looking in my bag. As he approached us, he smiled at us and said “come, lets go home”. We just laughed at him and asked what he’d forgotten. But, he was dead serious.

To this day, I am still not 100% sure what was going through his head, or if there was a perhaps a problem with his air ticket – all I know is, he decided to stay in Cape Town. Why? I have no idea, he’s never told me explicity why, but I have a strong suspicion he had a really hard time saying goodbye to me.

And literally, the rest is history.

About 4 years later, we were married.

So that’s the long and short of how I met the Father of my kids. Time sure is flying by.

Where did you meet your partner? Was it love at first sight? I would love to hear.







  1. Ronnae Elliott February 5, 2018

    So sweet!

  2. Simone Cameron February 5, 2018

    Ahh the gool ol days before social media! I remember sitting and waiting by the phone for my hubby (then boyfriend) to call! lol. Or when the house phone was cut…walk to a public phone. Do they even make public phone booths anymore?

    Thanks for sharing. So cute. I am actually planning to do a similar post for our 23rd anniversary (when we started dating) in March. Is it 23….I need to do maths before I do the post…lol. Too many years!

    • Hayley February 5, 2018

      23 Years! Wow, can’t wait to read it 😉

  3. Candice February 5, 2018

    I just love reading these stories. Hubby and I will be married for 10 years next year but feels like we’ve been together for a lifetime. We met at varsity (first year) but only had our first official date about a year after we started dating. Weird, I know. But not only were we doing the same course, we were also in the Same class. So seeing each other Monday – Friday was enough. Also the odd party over weekends or just hanging with friends worked for us. Think I can count on my hands the number of Time we actually saw each other over weekends during that first year. Anyway, his first “hello” to me was on his birthday (13 February). We also exchanged numbers that day. The next day, Valentines Day, I got an sms from him. I had no clue who it was from as I mixed up the last digits of his cell number *facepalm*
    The rest, as they say, is history.

    • Hayley February 5, 2018

      Awww, that is so sweet!!! You two make such a gorgeous couple. A decade does seem like a lifetime hey ❤️

  4. Tracy Dawson February 5, 2018

    aaaaaah what a lovely story 🙂

  5. Unathi Guma February 5, 2018

    Oh this is so lovely! <3


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