My Birthday Wishlist

birthday wishlist

So the countdown to my birthday has begun!

Another year older and wiser and for this very reason – I am making this list.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my years, is that you have to be clear about what you want in life AND you have to put it out there if you want it to happen!

If you don’t, the opportunity may just pass you by…. don’t you agree?

This has definitely worked out well for me when I wrote my previous wishlists, so who knows, it may just work out again and my fairy-god-husband may just see this one too.

You never know!

Here is my list

Faux Fur Stool 

birthday wishlist faux fur stool

Fairy God Husband, you know how much I’ve been wanting to get this stool from Mr. Price Home – and it comes in pink too! I went to see it in store and I am smitten.

Perhaps pink is the better option! Having little kids and white furniture just don’t seem to make sense to me.

V-Neck Knit

birthday wishlist

Every girl needs a knew knit at the start of Winter and I’ve found my perfect match at Country Road! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Buckle Bag

birthday wishlist

Buckle bags are hot right now, and I saw the cutest black one at Charles and Keith. It’s so me.. right?

Snooze PJ’s 

birthday wishlist

If there’s one thing that I’ve been coveting over on Instagram – it’s Snooze PJ’s. In Winter, I basically live in my pj’s – changing from one pair to the next over weekends! Snooze PJ’s are just so sassy and I would ADORE living in a pair this Winter.

Bluetooth Headphones

Birthday wishlist

My iphone has no socket for earphones… Seriously? So the only way to properly make use of my audio fitness app inside of the gym, is if I have a pair of wireless pair of earphones – which ofcourse would need to be equipt for “sport”. So this one from takealot is actually a necessity!

And that’s that! Short and sweet for my fairy-god-husband (only if he sees this post ofcourse)







  1. Janel sunderlall April 10, 2018

    Love this wishlist

  2. Simone Cameron April 10, 2018

    That stool is soooo gorgeous! I hope somebody crosses these off your wishlist!

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