Tips For Potty Training Boys: Aidan’s Journey

potty training boys

Other than 1 night time pull-up pants for Aidan (just in case), my nappy-changing days are over – and it’s all thanks to Aidan, who has potty-trained like a pro!

Unlike where the Dummy was concerned where the ball was in our court to take it away from him, only Aidan could really master the art of potty training.

You can find quite a bit of information, professional advice and tips for potty-training online, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be easy.

While Aidan has been superb throughout – it didn’t just happen overnight.

I was definitely overwhelmed at first, after hearing stories from other parents who said that potty training boys were a lot harder than with girls.

It was certainly a process, and if I look back now – there were probably just a few things that we can genuinely say helped Aidan through.

Potty Training Tips That Worked For Aidan


I don’t think there is a “best time” to start potty training, every child is different. But, I do think that there’s no harm in getting an early start.

For example, we had put out Alyssa’s old potty in the bathroom when Aidan started walking and he got more and more curious as to what it is. He would sit down, even with his nappy on until he eventually figured it out.

Sit First, Then Stand

This was the easiest way to start and it’s a more comfortable way to learn (especially for Mom)!  At first, we let Aidan associate the idea of peeing and pooping in the same way first- that is sitting down. This is also how he was taught at school.

Once that was mastered, we moved on to the urinal and started the learning process once again.

Let Him Watch And Learn

So this is the part I was most worried about. How was I supposed to show him what to do when our anatomy is different?

It was easier when he was just sitting down for both number 1 and 2. But once the pee started flying around, I felt I needed to go an extra mile teaching him to pee standing up. I still have to guide him and help him aim and hold, but I also allow him to try and do it by himself – but of course, there are some misses!

So when Kurt is at home, I encourage them to go to the toilet together… so that Aidan can basically get a live tutorial of how it must be done.

Buy the right equipment

So we already had a few potties from Alyssa’s potty training days, but they were all ones suitable for sitting. It still has done the job – even if it is pink!  Aidan didn’t seem to mind at all. But once he mastered the sitting down, we got him a urinal similar to this one, which he still uses. potty training boys

We also got him a few pairs of potty training underwear, which really came in handy!

I loved it because it didn’t leave a mess – but it made him realise what he was doing, which encouraged him to make use of the potty next time!

Getting Comfortable With The Potty

For number 2’s, Aidan is now happy to sit on a training toilet seat that fits over a normal toilet. But at first, he had a major phobia about doing number 2’s in a potty or toilet. He even used to ask for a nappy so he could do his business.

This went on for a few months, but I eventually figured out that he hated sitting in the cold bathroom for a “long period” of time. I told him that he could actually move his sitting potty to another room if he was more comfortable… which he did for a while and from thereon he was okay with it.

Motivate Him With Cool Underwear

From superheroes to soccer to paw patrol – I can tell you – undies have certainly given Aidan the nudge to be a big boy!

But it’s also just the cutest thing ever!

Try and Try Again

There were periods of time where Aidan just refused to use the potty, like with the number 2 issue, but we had to just keep motivating him and reminding him that the potty is right there in every bathroom should he need it.

The convenience of nappies was quite tempting for us all, but not having to spend loads of money on nappies every month was yet another motivator.

Make it FUN and celebrate successes

potty training boys

We celebrated each and every milestone of his potty training journey. There

There was lots of Ice-cream and lots of superhero memorabilia involved, but he absolutely deserved it!

He really has potty trained like a boss!

If you have any potty training tips that have worked for your child, or any struggles – I’d love to hear.








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  1. Simone Cameron April 24, 2018

    My first son was so easy to potty train…and by 2 and a few weeks it was over. It took 2 weeks, day and night, klaar…. But my youngest now??????? He’ll be 3 in August and he’s actually regressed a bit. He was wee’ing on the toilet, but now he refuses to even take off his nappy until he sees you plan to put another one on.

    I want to get one of these cute urinals and I am going to try the cool underwear. For now I’m just waiting and hoping it clicks for him. My 6yr old will sometimes call him when he goes to the loo and he’ll be like: Come Adam, this is how you do it. LOL. So cute.

    Great post and tips! So glad your nappy changing days are over! It’s the best feeling I am sure!!


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