Fry’s Superfoods For Superkids

fry's superkids

Trying to get your family to go Meatless on a Monday?

Well, this may just be the best way to peak your kids interest!

Frys recently sent us a gorgeous Superkids starter kit including their new e-cookbook for families as well as Fry’s new Crafted Range products which made for a ‘super’ chef-ing experience in our kitchen this weekend.

And you know just how much Alyssa and Aidan love the kitchen!

fry's superkids

If you didn’t know already, Fry Family Foods Co.  is a dedicated, family-run producer of vegan products. It’s been nearly 30 years since the Fry family has been creating burgers, sausages and all kinds of treats by using just legumes, grains, herbs and spices! 

Their new Superkids cookbook consists of  yummy plant based recipes to inspire little and big cooks! The e-book also consists of tips & tricks, meal plans and a nutrition guide. Over the weekend, we whipped up a couple of recipes from the e-book. The cookbook in itself captured the kids interest, seeing just how creative we could get with our Fry’s products.

First up we made a delicious secret garden guacamole and a veggie platter. For the platter, we used the Fry’s Falafel balls, roasted butternut balls as well as the rice protein chia nuggets – along with our favourite raw veggies we had in the fridge.

fry's superkids

The guacamole was an absolute hit and complemented the Fry’s products so well! While Alyssa was quite careful in breaking off pieces of the garden to enjoy, Aidan wasn’t too perturbed about breaking down the tree to enjoy his meal 🙂

fry's superkids

For our next recipe, Dad put together the “Windmill by the countryside” made with Fry’s Soy and Quinoa country roast.

fry's superkids

How cute is this?

These recipes inspired Alyssa to get even more creative and she later made her own butterflies and a large caterpillar.

fry's super kids

fry's super kids


Whats great about the Fry’s products is that they are free from any chemicals, high in protein, naturally cholesterol free and 100% vegan! We found the recipes quick and easy to prepare and really tasty.

If you’d like to get creative with delicious plant-based meals, you can download a free copy of the e-cookbook here.

fry's super kids

Thank you Fry’s for the delicious treat!




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  1. Heather Step June 4, 2018

    Those are so cute! My mom is a bit of a vegetarian and she’s used Fry’s for ages.


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