Are Extramural Activities Really That Necessary?

extramural activities

From Ballet to swimming to Kindermusik, there are just so many extramural activities that kids at a Pre-School level can do!

It can be quite overwhelming and while many parents are thankful for these activities that will keep their kids busy and active, it’s sometimes quite stressful and exhausting to get the kids to a destination at a particular time. You may also need to take time off from work and then, of course, you have to deal with the kit and costs!

So, I always wonder whether my kids absolutely have to do these activities at such a young age? Yes, most of the activities help with their development or provide some safety skills, but other than that how else does it even benefit them and can they not learn these skills at home?

As the school year wraps up, some of my kids Extra Mural teachers invited parents to experience a little display of what the kids have learned over the last year. Had I not attended these, I honestly would have reconsidered all the activities they’ve been doing. But after witnessing these displays and watching my kids absolutely thrive at what they were doing, I think all the pros outdo the cons!

Here are my reasons why:

They Are Having Fun!

extramural activities

When I see my kids having fun and absolutely loving the activity, it just makes me happy. I love seeing them work through activity, socialising with their peers and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

It’s as if they go into a different persona while doing the activity. They are having fun and they are proud to show Mom and Dad what they can do. That’s the most rewarding thing to see.

Making The Time For Extramurals

Yes, it can sometimes be a little pressure as Kurt and I both work and there’s sometimes a little bit of juggling that has to be done, but when I see that beautiful drawing Alyssa made in her Art Class or Aidan showing me how he perfects something he learned in kinetics, it makes it all worthwhile.

extra mural activities


Watching your child feel good about themselves as a result of the activity is just priceless!   Seeing them emotionally confident in what they are doing is just amazing to witness.

If they were doing the activity just for the sake of doing it I would obviously feel differently, but having seen them loving an activity and their motivation to keep improving, I can’t deny them of that.

extramural activities

Bring It Home

In some way or another, each activity has a benefit that can be incorporated in our home life.

For example, swimming lessons are non-negotiable from a safety point of view. Each and every activity they do has a skill they can bring home that we can work on or have fun with!

extramural activities

As my kids get older, I’m sure their interests may change and they’ll be more vocal about their choices, but for now, this is where we at!




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