I’ve Never Been Happier With My Skin, Thanks To My New SkinCare Routine With Pradiance

Over the last few months, my previously very dry skin has gone through a complete transformation.

I used to experience extremely dry and sensitive patches on my skin, I’m not exactly sure why.This is why I why I was excited to start using products from the Pradiance range, after attending their launch event in October.

 Pradiance products contain powerful African botanicals known for their exceptional healing and anti‑ageing/firming properties. 

Kigelia (African Sausage Tree) extract, the main ingredient contained in the Prandiance range, has been used for decades for the treatment of scars, sunspots and hyper-pigmentaion.

All Pradiance products are free of harmful synthetic chemical ingredients, including parabens and mineral oils and all of their ingredients are from sustainable sources!

At their product launch, I was quite shocked to learn that approximately 60% of what we put on your skin enters the skin and ultimately the bloodstream, therefore affecting the health of your body, including the brain and other vital organs. This has stuck with me and I’m certainly more cautious about what I put on my skin and my families skin.

Pradiance products contain Kigelia and other specially selected plant ingredients, which have a proven long term effect of naturally:

  • Gently balancing uneven skin tone.
  • Reducing and improving scar tissue.
  • Reducing the appearance of dark marks and spots, blemishes and skin discolouration and also hyperpigmentation.
  • Assisting in balancing uneven pigmentation.
  • Promoting overall skin health.
  • Promotes skin elasticity and can plump up the deepest of wrinkles

I can already see the improvement in my skin, it even has a healthy glow! Pradiance is an affordable, certified 100% natural and organic skincare range that has many benefits.

Currently I’m using the following products, but Pradiance has so much more to offer:

Cleansing Milk

Balancing Facial Toner

Day Cream

You can shop the full range of products here  if you’re keen to give your skin a fresh natural start in the new year – and if you use the discount code HAYLEYSJOYS20 at checkout you’ll receive 20% off your purchase!!!

Happy Shopping!



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