My Favourite Gift Giving Strategies

gift giving strategies

How to give the perfect gift, even when you’re on a tight budget

This year, we had a Secret Santa gift exchange at the office. Everyone had to write down a wishlist consisting of 3 items to the value of R150, which they would love as a gift. Most people put some sort of gift voucher on their list and obviously most people opted for this easy option. In my opinion, vouchers are a pretty lame gift to give, even though some people ask for it.

No surprise, the vouchers weren’t the most exciting thing to open at the office gift exchange –  it was a complete anti-climax for those who received one – even though they’d ask for it! You literally had to see their faces 🙁

And the obvious reason for this feeling is that there was not much thought put into the gift.

No matter what the occasion, Christmas or birthday or thank you – I like to put some love into it and I have a few ways of doing this:


Even if the person insists they would love to receive a gift voucher,  wrapping it up in a unique way can make it a bit more exciting to open. Adding a special touch to a gift shows that you’ve put thought into it and will really make the receiver happy.

You can spruce up any gift with gorgeous wrapping, some flowers, pretty ribbon, personalized stickers or you could even get your kids involved and make your own wrapping paper by using plain brown paper and let them get painting!

Listening and taking note

I try to make a note of when my friends or family mention something they like or would like to try. I can always refer to these notes when it comes to an occasion, especially with their birthday.

I feel extra special when I receive something that I remember mentioning to a friend or just something that they know I’d love. It just shows how well they know me.

I owe you

When you strapped for cash or you’d like to be a bit creative there’s many ways you can still give the perfect gift. As part of my Valentines day gift, Kurt gave me a booklet of vouchers that I could use as i see fit. The vouchers were for “a date night planned by him”, “a night away, just the two of us” , “a full body massage” and more.

I thought it was really sweet and has really come in handy throughout the year!

Give an experience

If the person you’re gifting is not really into material things or is someone who loves to try new things, why not give them an experience. A morning at the Spa with you, a cooking class or even a weekend away.

Although it’s a once off, I know I would appreciate any of these experiences and I’m sure many others would too.

So these are my strategies for giving the perfect gift. I’d love to hear how you pick out gifts for your nearest and dearest!



Featured Image by Kim Stiver from Pexels



  1. Samanthaq December 19, 2018

    I love these ideas. Your blogs are always so inspiring and creative. Being a mom of 6, it gets hard to always find unique things to do with the kiddos, especially with their age difference.

    • Hayley December 19, 2018

      Hi Samantha. Thank you so much for the positive feedback. It means a lot to me. Oh wow, you are so blessed to be a Mom of 6. I’m glad my blog plays a small role in them having fun xxx Have a happy Holiday!


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