My Holiday Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures

Wow, I don’t ever remember the transition back to work and school after the holidays being this tough.

Perhaps it’s because I went back to work on a Monday? Whatever it is, the struggle is real!

Although we didn’t venture very far this holiday, the time spent at home truly was absolutely restful and fulfilling! Spending time in our home, spending time with immediate family and friends and spending real quality time with the kids really does wonders for the soul.

I think that’s what’s making the transition back to reality extra hard!I’m also missing out on indulging on a few things that made my time off fabulous! And it’s not what you’re thinking!

Yes, I may have eaten an entire date and nut loaf by myself during this period (YUM!) but other than that I exercised daily and stuck to healthy , clean eating throughout the holiday! 

What I did however indulge in was a good book, a few movies, a date night , a whole lot of Netflix and chilling & a few awesome outings as a family! 

So I thought I’d do some reminiscing here on the blog about some of my favourites- and perhaps there’s something here that you’d care to enjoy when you get some free time on your hands:

Reading Becoming Michelle Obama 

guilty pleasures

Every chance I could get over the holidays, I got stuck into reading Becoming Michelle Obama. I haven’t finished it yet and still enjoying every chapter. Thus far, it honestly feels like Michelle Obama is my friend who I’ve gotten to know over these last few weeks. I also feel that with every chapter read, there’s a lesson I’m learning!

The perfect date night 

Right at the beginning of the holidays, Kurt and I got the opportunity to go out on a date night! It equated to dinner and movie at the Labia Theatre. Yes, the Labia Theatre – an absolute blast from the past – and so cosy! We watched A Star Is Born and I can honestly say I am still haunted by this movie as well as the beautiful soundtrack which I’ve been listening to every single day since then.

I don’t think it’s on circuit anymore, but it’s an absolute must see!

Outing with Grandma 

guilty pleasures

Alyssa and I took my mom to see Mary Poppins Returns at the movies. Have you watched it? It was absolute joy!

MCC and Chocolate Tasting at Villiera wines


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This was something that has been on my bucket list for a while and when a friend suggested it again, we made it happen!

The Villiera Brut MCC has been my drink of choice for a while now and I wanted to learn more about the story behind it. Villiera Wines is based in Stellenbosch and not only offer wine tastings, but is home to a wildlife sanctuary and offers game drives to its guests.

We will more than likely be back there soon with the kids for the game drive experience!

Netflix and Chilling

When the kids went to sleep at night, Kurt and I got to Netflix and chill for a bit. We watched a few movies and series . Some our favourites:

Bird Box, a thrilling movie starring Sandra Bullock (I’m sure you’ve seen the memes 🙂 )

The series “You” – quite creepy!

Making a Murderer – A true crime documentary with insane twists and turns!

Beach Please

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We are so blessed to live in Cape Town and to have the ocean right on our doorstep! Whenever we were in the mood to have some fun in the sun and sand, its just a short drive away.


The perfect family outing  to Waterworld in Strand

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A colleague of mine who lives in Strand has been suggesting that I take the kids to Water World situated in Strand for the longest time. So finally (on the last day of the school holidays) we took the kids – and boy oh boy was she right!

For the first time in their lives, Alyssa and Aidan got to slide down supertubes and they were completely mesmorized. In fact, it was SO hard to get them to leave! We’ll have to go back there soon as we promised the kids.

So these are basically my holiday favourites worth mentioning! What were your guilty pleasures? 



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