Alyssa Is Going To Grade 1 Next Year And I’m So Anxious About It

grade 1

Last week we got some amazing news. Alyssa has been accepted into a school for Grade 1 next year!

We were all over the moon and even went out for a little family dinner to celebrate.

But now that the news has sunk in I’ve started thinking about how things will change next year.

I’m excited about her learning new things and developing new skills, but there is one thing that is making a tad bit nervous….

After chatting to other Moms with kids who are or who have been in grade one, they are all warning me about one thing.


Life In Grade 1

grade 1

Each and every time I speak to a Mom of a 1st grader, they are saying the same thing. They all concur that it’s been a huge adjustment for their home life, as there is a substantial amount of time that has to be allocated to homework each and every evening!

So now I think back to when I was at school. I honestly don’t remember either of my parents, or any other adult for that matter, sitting with me working through piles of homework and assignments – let alone in the first year of school!

I remember having to do homework but not to the extent to which I believe kids of today are faced with!

Alyssa is quite diligent and has quite a good level of concentration – BUT that is when she chooses to. It’s at times when she has a good energy level, not tired, not hungry and generally interested in the task at hand.

I however don’t know how she will feel about having to come home from a full day of learning at school, feeling a bit exhausted and then having to hit the books!

I do want her to have enough PLAY time every day, I feel strongly about it. So, we will just have to find a rhythm that will work for us.

grade 1

Perhaps my anxiety is a bit premature and perhaps it will all just fall into place next year.

We will have to see and will have to adapt our afternoons and evenings and see what works for us.

Has your child recently made the transition to Grade 1? How has your family adjusted?

I would love to hear!




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