I’m Packing My Suitcase And I’m Taking…

A Few Essentials Suitcase

So it’s almost time for me to head off to warmer weather!

I’ve honestly been cutting everything so fine and leaving things to the last minute for this trip, but lets just hope I don’t miss my flight!

I’ve been running around for some last minute essentials, but some have been ready and on my checklist for a while! These are the things I knew for sure I had to have in my bag as I head to warmer weather.

I’m Packing My Suitcase And I’m Taking…

1. Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF50+ Tinted Cream

Sunblock, sunblock and more sunblock! I’ve squeezed some of this tinted cream into those mini travel bottles as this is literally a non-negotiable for warmer weather. In fact, I wear this in Winter Weather too, as the sun isn’t the only thing we need to worry about when it comes to UV protection!

2. Beach Please T-Shirt

When I saw this T-shirt on Superbalist, I had to have it! So appropriate…

3. Sorbet Erase It Facial Wipes

I love the convenience of facial wipes, especially after a late night and not being in the mood for a full on make up removal session! It’s also so hot in Spain right now, so the wipes will come in handy in my handbag.

4. Lanolab

Lanolab has literally become a must-have in our home, since they first sent us a tube to try out. From insect bites, to burns and skin irritations – Lanolab is literally that miracle cream that has come in handy so many times. So I just had to get a tube to take along with me.

5. Letibalm

While I may be heading into Summer, my face and nose will still very much be feeling the effects of the cold Cape Town Winter. Letibalm doesn’t just sooth the broken skin, it repairs it too!

6. Power Bank

I’m on my own and there’s no way I cannot be reachable. I got a really cute and reliable power bank from Typo so that I’m always available if the kids want to chat to me.

7. Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla

Summer curls are something I’m looking forward to!

Especially after I tested the full range of Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla products. When it comes to my hair, I love my natural waves, but I hate frizz and that’s why I rarely leave my hair to dry naturally. However, the Black Vanilla range replenishes moisture, improves managability and adds amazing shine to my hair! So I’ve squeezed out some of the products to get me on a “Summer Hair dont care” vibe!


Now, there’s only one thing left to do!

Lets get this holiday started.



Disclosure: Letibalm , Lanolab and Carols Daughter products were gifted to me, the rest are not sponsored.

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  1. candice July 21, 2019

    I seriously need to get myself a power bank too.

    Candice x



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