I Let My Hair Down With Carol’s Daughter

carol's daughter

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I’ve been sporting sort of a new look while travelling around in Europe. I literally let my hair down, I embraced my natural curl using Carol’s Daughter products that was sent to me.

I very seldom leave my hair to air dry as I suffer from headaches if my hair is left wet for too long. Only when it’s extremely warm weather, I would let my hair dry naturally. Temperatures were 30 degrees plus most days while I was on holiday.  This made for the perfect opportunity for me to make use of the products.

Carol’s Daughter

Founded by Lisa Price in 1993 after being encouraged by her mother, Carol. Lisa began creating high-quality products made with love in her kitchen in Brooklyn. As family and friends experienced how these products transformed their hair and skin, she knew that she was on to something good.

When she decided to formally create a brand, she needed a name for her company. She made a list of everything she was and everything she wanted to be, and in the end that realized the most special thing that she is, is Lisa, Carol’s Daughter.

carol's daughter

Carol’s Daughter consists of three product variants for different types of hair:

  • Black Vanilla –  Replenishes moisture, improves managabili, adds shines
  • Hair Milk – intensely conditions, restores moisture and protects against frizz
  • Rassoul Clay Sulfate – Purifies, gently cleanses, softens

I used the Black Vanilla range, which many people with silky, softer and straight hair have said works well for them.

carol's daughter

I washed my hair with the shampoo and conditioned it every second day. Once towel dried, I sprayed on the leave on conditioner. I  would also spray it on in between to freshen it up.

I loved that it didn’t weigh my hair down, nor did it leave any build up on my scalp. This is what usually happens to my fine hair when I use a product that is too rich. And there was absolutely no Frizz!!!


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So, if you’re thinking of letting your hair down and embracing your natural waves and curls, Carol’s Daughter is worth a try.



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