Ready, Set, Breakfast with Jungle Crunchalots!

Jungle Crunchalots

Mornings in our home are pretty crazy these days. Aidan is up super early while Alyssa prefers to have a lie in and will sleep until the very last minute. But one thing they have in common is how much they enjoy a good breakfast!

Since the beginning of lockdown, their days are now filled with online learning and activities in the mornings and lots of free play in the afternoon which means they need loads of energy to get them through the day!

A good breakfast is exactly what their little bodies and growing minds need. The Jungle Crunchalots range is their breakfast of choice these days for a number of reasons!

Why Alyssa and Aidan Love the Jungle Crunchalots Range

Jungle Crunchalots

Like most kids, the first and probably most obvious reason why they love it is because of the taste!  It’s probably the variety too. There are three tasty flavours in the range: Honey, Strawberry and Chocolate. When I asked Aidan what he’s favourite flavour is, he says:

“Honey! I love the Honey flavour, Mom. It’s the yummiest”

Alyssa on the other hand is always drawn to anything pink as well as cute animals. So a cute pink box with a cute animal on it already has her attention. She also loves it when the milk turns pink.

However, sometimes she will even mix some of the chocolate and strawberry flavours together for a fun breakfast twist!

Jungle Crunchalots

Why I love Jungle Crunchalots too!

Just like some of my own favourite wholesome Jungle products, I’ve tasted all of the Crunchalots flavours and let me tell you, it’s really as delicious as Alyssa and Aidan say.

However, there are more reasons why I have no problem adding these to my shopping cart.

Firstly, I’m so glad the Jungle Crunchalots contains 32% less sugar* than other honey cereals! This is very important to me. It’s actually quite scary to see how much sugar is packed on some of the kid’s cereals in supermarkets! Next time you’re in store, just take a look at the nutritional information on the boxes – for some of them, you will be shocked!

The Jungle Crunchalots cereals are also packed with fibre which is great for digestive wellbeing.

It also contains nutrients and vitamins providing my kids with the immune system support and energy they need to get through their busy days. And as a parent, you know just how busy these days can get!

The cereals are high in B Vitamins which is great for energy release. It also gives their immune systems a boost, as Crunchalots are high in Vitamin A and C which is exactly what their little bodies need in Winter!

Jungle Crunchalots

So as we head into Winter, remember to look out for this wholesome affordable range in stores.

Keep warm and stay safe.


Disclosure: This post was done in collaboration with Jungle South Africa

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