Gift Idea: Baby Alive Baby Gotta Bounce

baby alive

As Christmas approaches I’m sure the kids have been sharing what’s on their list for Santa!

One of the items on Alyssa’s list this year is the Baby Alive Baby Gotta Bounce Doll! So you can imagine her excitement when Hasbro asked us to review one of them.

Alyssa has another Baby Alive Doll for over a year and it’s her absolute favourite Doll whom she named Starfire.

Gift Idea: Baby Alive Baby Gotta Bounce

baby alive

Starfire has been part of our family and Alyssa is more than ready to welcome a sibling for Starfire.

Starfire doesn’t bounce or laugh or cry though – this is exactly why Alyssa is after the Baby Alive Baby Gotta Bounce Doll!

Baby Alive Baby Gotta Bounce Doll

She loves to bounce and giggle! Baby Alive Baby Gotta Bounce doll (who Alyssa has named Rosie) bounces up-and-down with impossibly cute laughter when you hold her hands and squeeze her wrist — or repeatedly wave or move in front of her.

She actually stands up and bounces on her own! The interactive Baby Gotta Bounce doll has 25+ cute sound effects, drinks water and “pees” too, like a baby (bottle and a diaper included).

Good thing her adorable, removable outfit makes changing-time super easy!

Kids ages 3 years old and up will love caring for this sweet Baby Alive Baby Gotta Bounce doll that moves.

Alyssa’s favourite feature about Rosie has to be the cute sound effects that she makes!

It really sounds like we now have a new baby in the house!

baby alive

The Baby Alive Gotta Bounce doll from Hasbro is available at all major toy retailers.




  1. Gezell December 7, 2020

    Catherine has been asking for a baby alive for Christmas just can’t find stock anywhere


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